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Oklahoma Sooners #0 - Punter

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New York Jets Flight Connections 5/19/19


Good morning, GGN! I hope you like a heaping serving of Peyton Manning with your breakfast, because today it’s wall to wall Peyton coverage. Not to worry, however, because we have done an even...

Podcast Vs. Everyone: Life after Boobie

Let’s start our spring football talk with a look at the ridiculously thin running back depth chart. Plus, "The 3-point Lottery" explained and our take on the Oscars.

Finding the Prototypical Packers Cornerback: A Peculiar Approach


Green Bay has looked to players with backgrounds in other positions and sports to build its ideal cover men.

4 Sentences To Sum Up How Syracuse Fans Feel


A blurb at the end of Michael Cohen's piece on Terrel Hunt distills the good vibes that Syracuse football fans can take with them headed into ACC play.

Questions Loom Over Orange QB & Injury Situations


The Orange will enter the Wagner game with some injuries as well as the ever-pressing quarterback question.

HCA: Mike Leach almost hired a different LB coach


Mike Leach hired Ken Wilson to coach linebackers this offseason, but Leach apparently came close to hiring a different coach.

Timely Events Helped Syracuse Land QB Drew Allen

How did Syracuse football land a former high school All-American that was looking for a place to play in his final year of eligibility? A chain of timely events, reports Syracuse.com's Michael Cohen.

Safety Eskridge Has Wrist Surgery, Status Unknown

One of SU's promising young defensive backs, Durell Eskridge, had unexpected wrist surgery Tuesday that could hurt his ability to play in 2013.

SU linebacker Marquis Spruill arrested

Syracuse Orange junior linebacker Marquis Spruill and junior running back Steve Rene were arrested early Sunday morning. Spruill, a starting linebacker, was booked on disorderly conduct and...

Syracuse Football: Glass Half-Empty Or Glass Half-Full?


When discussing Syracuse Orange football on September 6th, 2011, there are two very distinct trains of thought emerging.