Ugo Chinasa

Oklahoma State Cowboys #91 - Defensive End

  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 260

FULL RECAP: WV reveals the reality of OSU football


Let's face it...2010 and 2011 are not the expectation, and shouldn't be.

Why The Oklahoma State Cowboy Football Team Could Go 7-5 (Devil's Advocate)


How is that for a controversial title? The nature of college athletics is that a team will average around 25% personnel turnover each season, then another small bit of coaching or administrative...

2011 Missouri Football Preview: Oklahoma State


A preview of the Missouri-Oklahoma State football game this fall in Columbia, MO.

2011 College Football Season Could Be Epic For The State Of Oklahoma


2011 College Football Season Could Be Epic For The State Of Oklahoma

2011 Oklahoma State Football Preview


CRFF's 2011 preseason preview for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Can this be the year they take the Big 12 title?

Who are the 10 Players the Cowboy Football Team Can Least Afford to Have Abducted by Aliens?


As we all know, a team is only as good as the number of good players it can keep on the field. As 2009 taught us, you can have all the talent in the world, but if that talent isn't on the field,...

The Afternoon Ride, 7/26/2011


The CRFF Afternoon Ride. All of today's relevant news in a 5 minute read.

NFL lockout: Top UDFA defensive linemen

If a team still needs a young nose tackle, there are a few still available. The market for pass rushers, though, is pretty dry.

Assessing the Seahawks Roster: Defensive Ends


The defensive end position for the Seahawks is actually one spot that I'm relatively confident in. The way the Seahawks' 4-3 Under defense works is rather unique in the NFL and requires...

2011 Season Preview: The Oklahoma State Cowboys And The Oregon Trail

A look at the 2011 Oklahoma State Cowboys football team. If the 'Pokes are going to take another step toward becoming the Oregon of the Midwest, they will need to overcome some turnover on defense...

Mocking the Drafts YouTube Channel Update 7/18/11

Mocking the Drafts YouTube Channel Update 7/18/11 - USC vs Stanford, Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State, and UNC vs Tennessee Music City Bowl

Seahawks' Armchair GM: Training Camp Defense


A look at the current Seahawks roster, some key free agents, and what holes need to be addressed.