Jonathan Perry

UAB Blazers #14 - Quarterback

  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 210

Briscoe with a chance to make impact for Blazers


Quarterback Jeremiah Briscoe with a chance to make big impact for Blazers

Who Will Be Under Center For The Blazers?

UAB has a new coach and two new faces that could end up behind center on August 30th.

UAB goes local

UAB's 2013 season was an outright disaster, fraught with horrific attendance and a defense patched together with duct tape. With health, depth, and a new, local coach, however, the Blazers might...

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UAB waters seeds, looks for a blitz

UAB threatened Ohio State well into the fourth quarter in Columbus and got destroyed by Memphis at home. Garrick McGee's first season in charge was full of upside, youth, and serious head-scratchers.

Tragic heroes

Who were the best college football quarterbacks of the past six years when their team was getting demolished?

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Preview: UAB Blazers At No.16 Ohio State Buckeyes

A comprehensive look at what Ohio State's week four opponent, Conference USA's UAB Blazers, bring to the table.

UAB Blazers at South Carolina Gamecocks: Checking in on UAB's Offense

This post begins our series previewing the UAB game. Today, we're talking about UAB's offense. While UAB likely won't be a threat to what has so far proven to be a very capable Carolina defense, it...

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South Carolina Football 2012 Opponents Profiles: UAB Blazers


South Carolina Football 2012 Opponents Profiles: UAB Blazers