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George Hincapie, former Lance Armstrong teammate, admits to banned substance use

George Hincapie has admitted to using banned substances during his cycling career.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

American cyclist George Hincapie issued a statement in which he admitted to using banned substances during his career and confirmed his cooperation in the United States Anti-Doping Agency's investigation of Lance Armstrong and the United States Postal Service team.

Said Hincapie in his statement:

"Early in my professional career, it became clear to me that, given the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs by cyclists at the top of the profession, it was not possible to compete at the highest level without them. I deeply regret that choice and sincerely apologize to my family, teammates and fans."

Hincapie raced alongside Armstrong as a teammate in all seven of Armstrong's Tour de France victories from 1999 to 2005. Armstrong and Hincapie have ridden together as far back as 1994.

Hincapie retired in August after a 19-year career in which he won three U.S. national championship road titles, set the record for most appearances in the Tour de France with 17 and raced in five consecutive Olympic games.