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Tour de France 2012: Tacks On Course Cause Nearly 30 Flat Tires

Stage 14 of the 2012 Tour de France concluded on Sunday morning, but there might have been some nefarious action afoot. Defending 2011 Tour champion Bradley Wiggins suffered a flat tire due to debris in the road, debris that wound up being tacks and gave about 30 riders flat tires, according to race director Jean-Francois Pecheux.

After finishing the Stage, Wiggins was upset but also noted there's not much that can be done. "What can you do? It's something we can't control. There's nothing stopping more of that sort of stuff happening," Wiggins said.

"It's sad. Those are the type of things we have to put up with as cyclists. I think people take that for granted sometimes, just how close they can get to us. If that happened in a football stadium, or wherever, you'd be arrested, CCTV."

As you can clearly see in the video, there were tacks or nails thrown across the course. Race director Pecheux noted that finding the culprit among thousands of roadside fans would be very difficult.

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