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Tour de France 2012: Tack-Throwing 'Deviants' Probably Won't Be Caught

In the latest sign of the apocalypse, people who are being called "deviants" sabotaged the Tour de France on Sunday when they threw tacks and small nails onto the road, causing several accidents and forcing the leaders to slow the race for a few hours.

In comments to VeloNation, long-time pro cyclist Frank Schleck doubted that anything could be done:

"It was just some crazy fools throwing nails on the road. I don't think there will be anything done about it [and it won't be] possible to find the person who did it."

It's not the kind of crime where there's a lot of evidence left behind -- any fool can throw some garbage on the road and get away pretty quickly. Unless they confess, there's no real way to prove who did what.

Pro bicyclists, especially on the Tour de France's steep mountain courses, are pretty much putting their lives in the hands of the general public and hoping that no one is that big of a dick.

Unfortunately, it looks like times have changed, and not for the better.

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