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Lance Armstrong interview: 'I see the anger in people'

Armstrong sat down with Oprah for a tell-all interview, exposing his use of performance enhancing drugs. Here's a selection of quotes from that interview.


Former Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong revealed his extensive history of performance enhancing drug use in an interview with Oprah, and he explored some of the previously unknown details of his career drug use.

Here is a collection of some quotes from that interview.

On his lack of remorse while using performance enhancing drugs:

"I didn't think I was cheating."

On suing his former masseuse, Emma O'Reilly:

"To be honest, we've sued so many people, I'm sure we did."

"It's a major flaw, and it's a guy who expected to get whatever he wanted and to control every outcome."

On Betsy Andreau, wife of Frankie Andreau, a former teammate of Armstrong's:

"I did call [Betsy Andreu] crazy. I called you crazy. I called you a bitch. But I never called you fat."

On his change of heart leading up to this interview:

"The important thing is that I am beginning to understand that... I see the anger in people."

"These are people that supported me, believed me, believed in me... They have every right to feel betrayed and it's my fault.

"I will spend the rest of my life trying to earn back trust and apologize to people."

On his comeback, and whether he would have gotten away with it had he not:

"We wouldn't be sitting here if I didn't come back."

"It's impossible to say. Much better chance."

On the day he discovered the USADA was going after him:

"I wish I could go back to that day, but I can't."

Following that USADA investigation, Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles in October of 2012, and received a lifetime ban from participating in elite cycling competitions.

Part two of his tell-all interview with Oprah airs Friday night on OWN at 9 p.m. ET.