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Liverpool look set to lose out on key target

Gabriele Maltinti

Liverpool have been chasing hard after wingers for the past two weeks, and it looks like they might end up not getting one by the end of the window. Having lost Mohamed Salah to Chelsea in the wake of the Juan Mata deal, the Reds changed their focus to Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk's Yevhen Konoplyanka -- but now the deal is looking increasingly unlikely.

The good news, as far as Liverpool are concerned, is that Konoplyanka would be a luxury signing rather than a necessity. They're already more than set in attack, with Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez so far providing enough power to fire them into a top four spot, and losing out on even a player as talented as Konoplyanka won't make or break their season.

Now, if this was a central midfielder...