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Everything is sports

The 10 worst ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ attempts, ranked

The ‘nah he tweakin’ meme started with Tony Hawk’s blood-painted skateboards

The ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ is turning the entire world into ‘Jackass’ stars

This is the greatest shot in disc golf history

The deep terror of Yoshi and Donkey Kong’s pantslessness in ‘Mario Golf’

This woman actually fought off a bear to protect her dogs

Guy Fieri would be one of the highest paid athletes in the NFL, NBA or MLB

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The rise and collapse of a scalper’s sports card empire

Bribes, parking lot deals, and the cards you never had a chance to buy.

This dad made a hilarious post-game press conference about parenting

A catfishing scandal rocked Lakers Twitter and left a lot of unanswered questions

Throwing a screaming bobcat across your yard is the ultimate dad sport

Adidas is going to sell literal giant clown shoes

Introducing ‘The Corden-Fieri Scale’ for athletes

Who is the protagonist in the 2021 Mortal Kombat trailer?

Reviewing every Stephen A. Smith performance on ‘General Hospital’

Danish cartoon with extending penis would be the greatest athlete ever


People from Wisconsin are being warned against eating raw meat sandwiches

A jumbo jet-sized bear named 747 is the king of Fat Bear Week

Fat Bear Week is the only sport I care about now

How to dominate ‘Among Us’ and make your friends hate you

We need to make ‘Fall Guys’ a real-life sport

Cyclist crashes off bridge in chilling video during Il Lombardia

Germany’s own version of ‘Jaws’ involves a wild boar

Hooverball: The sport invented to stop the president getting fat

The 12 best video game athletes of all-time

Forget ‘Fight Island,’ we need HOT DOG ISLAND

Matt James, the next ‘Bachelor’, is a former Wake Forest wide receiver

‘Baby or Football’ is the Zoom game I never knew I needed until now

Restarting youth sports is a terrible idea, even by Florida standards

It’s double elimination week on ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’

This skateboard exchange between Tony Hawk and a young fan is guaranteed to make you smile