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Lewis Hamilton wins 2016 British Grand Prix

Hamilton went from pole to victory as his teammate Nico Rosberg struggled with gearbox issues and Max Verstappen had to save his tires.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes ran his own race on Sunday at the British Grand Prix, going from pole position to yet another race win at Silverstone. Other than a scrap with his teammate Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen of Red Bull early on in the race, Hamilton was largely on his own throughout.

Rosberg and Verstappen scrapped throughout the race, with Rosberg eventually getting the better of him around the halfway point as Verstappen's tires faded. Rosberg started having gearbox troubles in the final five laps though, and Verstappen pulled back within two seconds despite having to do a lot to keep his tires healthy.

Late in the race, Rosberg was under investigation for getting too much help from his race engineer after the gearbox problem came. The investigation will happen after the race. Hamilton managed a fourth win in five races, and after trailing by over 40 points in the Drivers' Championship at one point, he pulled within four points of his teammate after Sunday's race.

The start of the race was more than a little disappointing, with the safety car leading the pack out for a full five laps due to wet conditions on the track. Rain had stopped shortly before the start of the race, and it seemed like the safety car was unnecessary. But it stayed out for several laps and when things finally started, half the pack went into the pits and half did not.

Hamilton stayed out, as did Rosberg and both Red Bulls. But when Pascal Wehrlein went off the track and prompted a virtual safety car, all of the top three -- with Verstappen included in that bunch -- made it into the pits on lap eight. They all managed to come out in the same place.

The race was fairly calm through lap 16, at which point Rosberg and Verstappen almost came together, and then Verstappen pulled off a dramatic overtake to move into second place. Verstappen was above Rosberg's pace for the whole race, more closely challenging Hamilton in lap times, but it took some time for him to get the overtake.

Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari was the first to take his chance on the dry tires on lap 16, and his teammate Kimi Räikkönen came in on the next lap to do the same thing as the track continued to dry up. Two laps later, Vettel unfortunately spun out on turn one, the wettest part of the track.

Shortly before that point, Jolyon Palmer of Renault came in for a pit stop and, unfortunately, his team released him without a right rear wheel. They had to rush out and push him back into his pit box to get the tire on, costing him valuable time.

Hamilton went into the pits for slick tires on lap 18, giving Verstappen the lead. Verstappen eventually pitted as well and Hamilton took the lead again, with Verstappen coming back out in second.  Unfortunately, Verstappen locked up on lap 22 and went wide, losing a few seconds in the process.

Fernando Alonso spun out big time on lap 25 and looked like he might be out of the race but he got his car under control and got back onto the track.

By lap 30, Rosberg was back on Verstappen's tail and trying to secure an overtake. On lap 35, the two almost came together as Rosberg tried an overtake but Verstappen stayed ahead. A lap later, Rosberg tried another overtake, and Verstappen stayed ahead. It was clear at the time that Verstappen was going to need fresh tires. Hamilton, at this point, was almost seven seconds ahead of Verstappen in second.

On lap 38, Rosberg finally managed the overtake on Verstappen to claim second place in the race. Shortly after, Palmer of Renault had to retire his car in the pits. Vettel received a five-second time penalty for forcing Felipe Massa of Williams off the track also around this time.

Raikkonen and Sergio Pérez were on their own for several laps with the former trying hard to pass the Force India driver. Räikkönen tried the overtake several times, and he finally got it in lap 47. That's about the time that Rosberg started having gearbox issues, as his team came over the radio and informed him that he needed to skip seventh gear because it was having issues.

At that point, he started losing time to Hamilton with five laps remaining and it was clear he wasn't going to catch up to his teammate. His race became about keeping Verstappen off of him, and he managed it — just barely. Verstappen finished third to get podium, with Ricciardo behind him and Räikkönen rounding out the top five.

Below are the top 10 finishers from Sunday's race:

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Nico Rosberg
3. Max Verstappen
4. Daniel Ricciardo
5. Kimi Räikkönen
6. Sergio Pérez
7. Nico Hülkenberg
8. Carlos Sainz
9. Sebastian Vettel
10. Daniil Kvyat