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This guy got caught on an F1 racetrack during a race

He's living your worst nightmare.

You know when you're having a dream that you're being chased and whatever's behind you is coming faster and faster and you can't move your legs and ohmygod ohmygod it's gaining on you and it's RIGHT BEHIND YOU?

Yeah, that happened to this guy in real life.

He's a marshal who was left on the track after the race during the Singapore Grand Prix restarted.

marshal 1

What?! We first realize this man is in trouble. He first realizes he's in trouble.

Marshal 2

He's still running. The cars are not stopping. They're really coming. He's so close to the shoulder.

Marshal 3

He's off the track! But does that car in the lead have it in for him? It looks like the marshal is still in its path. KEEP RUNNING SIR.

Marshal 4

He made it! Silver car has swerved out of the way and our friend in orange is headed back into the pen where he belongs, safe and sound.

Track marshals have unfortunately died in the line of work before, most recently reported in 2013. Luckily this man made it back after this untimely mixup.