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Jaguars QB David Garrard Perfect So Far, With TD To WR Mike Sims-Walker

Jacksonville Jaguars QB David Garrard has yet to throw for more than 178 yards this season, but he’s on pace to approach 400 today. As the first quarter against the Dallas Cowboys closes, Garrard is eight-for-eight for 81 yards, plus a touchdown to WR Mike Sims-Walker.

Garrard has done an efficient job of finding the end zone, and today’s early score is his tenth of the season. He’s also been strikingly accurate in all but two games, so a perfect quarter isn’t that big of a surprise.

Sims-Walker has 51 of those yards, already his second-best game of the year. He put up 105 and a score against the Chargers in week two, which is certainly within reach against a top-ten Cowboys passing defense.

The knock on Garrard: he turns the ball over more than you’d like, with seven interceptions so far this year, and he’s already lost a fumble today near Dallas’ red zone. Without that fumble, Garrard might already have his fourth multi-touchdown game.