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Jacksonville Jaguars David Garrard, Maurice Jones-Drew, Mike Sims-Walker, And Marcedes Lewis Lighting Up Cowboys

The stars have aligned, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are the most electric team in pro football at the moment. QB David Garrard, RB Maurice Jones-Drew, WR Mike Sims-Walker, and TE Marcedes Lewis are the NFL's hottest fantasy performers at their respective position for the time being.

Garrard's 42-yard touchdown pass to Lewis was his second passing score of the day after an earlier strike to Sims-Walker. Garrard is up to 137 yards and remains perfect through nine attempts.

Jones-Drew has yet to find the end zone against the Cowboys, but has 60 rushing yards plus 10 in receptions. The Jags' defense is doing very well too, after nabbing two Jon Kitna passes and allowing only three points so far. As more teams score throughout the league, Jacksonville's D might find itself on top of its position rankings too.

Who needs Tim Tebow to keep the team in Florida, anyway? This is thrilling football! Just play the Cowboys every week, and Duval County will have football forever.