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49ers QB Troy Smith Doing His Best Tim Tebow Impression In London

May the fantasy gods have mercy on you if you started either 49ers QB Troy Smith or Broncos QB Tim Tebow today, but Smith has actually turned in a very good day in London. In the past five minutes of game time, Smith has thrown a 28-yard touchdown to WR Michael Crabtree and rushed for a one-yard score, rivaling Tebow's own short-yardage touchdown run.

Smith is second among all quarterbacks in fantasy scoring, behind only Jaguars QB David Garrard, who's exploded for four touchdowns against the Cowboys. While Redskins QB Donovan McNabb has far more rushing yards than Smith, it's the touchdown that matters here.

As for his passing, Smith is an entirely respectable 12-of-19 with zero picks in his first regular season action as a Niner. TE Delanie Walker has ably filled in for Vernon Davis, catching five balls for 85 yards. Crabtree has 53, and WR Josh Morgan has 30 of his own.

No, Tebow doesn't have any passing yards.