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Titans QB Vince Young Outplaying Chargers QB Philip Rivers At Half

At halftime in San Diego, Titans QB Vince Young has thrown 13 times for 150 yards and a touchdown. Chargers QB Philip Rivers, meanwhile, has 166 yards and an interception to show for his 21 attempts. Before the game, Young was reported to be backing up Kerry Collins due to injuries, but it looks like the Titans made the right call in giving Young the start. The Titans just wouldn’t be the same without their ever-revolving quarterback carousel, even if the thing reaches tropical storm levels from time to time.

WR Lavelle Hawkins has stepped up as Tennessee’s top pass-catcher, with 42 yards at the half. TE Antonio Gates leads for the Chargers, producing 54 yards on five targets by Rivers.

Young is beating Rivers at his own game so far, completing passes of 24 yards or more to four different receivers. And he’s doing it without last week’s unstoppable WR Kenny Britt, who left early with a hamstring injury.

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