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Randy Moss To Vikings Will Help Percy Harvin's Fantasy Football Value

It's a done deal: Randy Moss has been traded to the Vikings.

So how will this affect fantasy football?

No bye week for Moss. The Patriots haven't had a bye week yet while the Vikings had theirs in Week 4. That means Moss won't have a bye week and he'll be in your fantasy football lineup every week.

Randy Moss's value doesn't change much. I imagine Moss's stats will rise slightly in Minnesota because they'll be focusing on him more -- not to mention the Vikings have a running game -- but his value is predicated on the deep ball. Patriots QB Tom Brady is just as effective with the deep ball as Vikings QB Brett Favre. Overall, I don't see Moss's stats changing a whole lot from New England to Minnesota. He's effective either way.

Percy Harvin becomes more valuable. The Patriots traded for Randy Moss and Wes Welker in 2007. With both on the roster, Welker's stats exploded from '07 to '10. Welker had 112, 111 and 123 receptions in his first three years with Moss. Harvin plays a similar style as Welker so you can expect Harvin's game to open up underneath as Moss now presents a legitimate deep threat. The biggest beneficiary of the Moss trade may be Harvin.

Brett Favre's value rises as well. Favre has been struggling this year but now he has one of the best deep threats in the game with Moss as well as things opening up for Harvin underneath. Favre knows how to take advantage of the talent around him and he should be able to do the same with Moss arriving in Minnesota.