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Tim Tebow And The Denver Broncos Starting QB Decision: The Fantasy Impact

We break down the latest news surrounding Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos QB situation. Are there fantasy implications? For more on the Broncos, check out Mile High Report. For more on fantasy football, check out Fake Teams.

Tuesday looks like it could be judgement day for the Denver Broncos as reports out of Denver indicate John Fox could announce a decision as to whether Tim Tebow or Kyle Orton will be the team's starting quarterback moving forward. The Broncos enter their bye week and then travel to face the Miami Dolphins in week seven.

The Broncos stuck with Orton into week five in spite of fan pressure to get Tebow playing time. Finally, in week five, Fox brought Tebow off the bench in the third quarter. Tebow did not put together spectacular numbers, but he almost brought the Broncos back from a 23-10 deficit. It's safe to say that if he had completed the comeback, the lid would have blown off Denver.

If the Broncos switch to Tim Tebow at quarterback, now is as good a time as any with the team entering their bye week. He has already been studying the playbook, but the bye week would give him time to work with the first team offense and try to build some greater level of chemistry with them.

The question then is what kind of fantasy impact does this have. Kyle Orton was likely no more than a benched backup option early in the season who was discarded in short order as the Broncos struggled. Tim Tebow is not a much better option, although his rushing ability adds a lot of value. In the Broncos-Chargers game, Tebow only threw for 79 yards and a touchdown, but he also rushed for 38 yards and another touchdown.

Scrambling quarterbacks automatically gain some value over pocket quarterbacks, so that is one thing to keep in mind with Tebow. I personally don't recommend adding him off your waiver wire, but if you're feeling a little frisky, maybe you stash him on your bench in case of injury or bye.

As for the rest of the team, Orton wasn't exactly spectacular but it's hard to tell how much Tebow would add or take away from this offense. You could argue it's a downgrade in terms of QB talent, but also could potentially see a more intangible benefit to the team as a whole. That's not the best way to make fantasy decisions, but if you're a Tebow believer, who am I to stop you?

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