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Cam Newton Fantasy Recap: Superman Is All Over The Place

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton continued his wild ride on Sunday as he put together a mixed-bag performance against the Atlanta Falcons. Although Newton did throw three interceptions, he also put together another big rushing day to more than offset the picks. Newton finished the game with 237 passing yards, 3 interceptions, 50 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown. For most leagues, that qualifies for approximately 14 points. It was not a fantastic day, but still respectable.

Cam Newton will have his share of passing struggles as a rookie, but his raw athleticism allows him to overcome that to some extent with his rushing game. He may eventually become a more disciplined scrambler, but he is doing some serious damage at this point, which is a boon for fantasy owners.

Carolina hosts the Washington Redskins this coming Sunday in what should be another tough challenge for the rookie QB. Washington's rush defense is not particularly great, but they bring a serious pass defense to the table. They struggled against scrambling QB Michael Vick, so we'll see if Newton can bring it on Sunday. While his performance remains to be seen, he would appear to be a safe bet to continue starting if you have added him to your lineup.

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