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Fantasy Football Week 5 Waiver Wire: Pierre Garcon Busts Out

Earlier we took a look at the top adds for Week 5 according to fantasy experts around the Internet. Now, we'll take a slightly different view of the top adds on the waiver wire this week. This time, we'll turn to our partner,, and see what their computer database stuffed with stats thinks. They look at how much a player is performing over their expected average. The higher the percentage, the hotter they are. In addition, we'll post their top trade/drop players. These are guys who you might want to outright drop, or guys who have a name and are under-performing, guys you might be able to trade for something of value.

Top Adds

Finally, an Indianapolis Colts player busts out. Without Peyton Manning running that offense, things have gotten pretty ugly. Garcon, with his two long touchdown receptions, is finally drawing interest again from the fantasy crowd. Who knows, maybe he and Curtis Painter will develop soemthing over the course of the season.

Previously we hyped Ryan Torain for this week's adds, the computer likes him, too. A couple of vet QB's have been putting together solid years. Matt Hasselbeck is already owned in many leagues, but if he's available in yours you might want to take a look. Quarterbacks get injured all the time, so having a backup like Hasselbeck can be smart, and he's a good bye week play. Heck, depending on how your regular QB is performing, you might start Hasselbeck. Also, out in Oakland, Jason Campbell has put together a couple of 300-yard games. He's another guy you might consider as a backup.

Top Adds powered by
Rank Player Opponent Points
1 Pierre Garcon (WR, IND) vs. KC +55.51%
2 Ryan Torain (RB, WAS) BYE +52.38%
3 Matt Hasselbeck (QB, TEN) vs. PIT +51.24%
4 Eric Decker (WR, DEN) vs. SD +49.71%
5 Stevan Ridley (RB, NE) vs. NYJ +47.71%
6 Jermaine Gresham (TE, CIN) vs. JAX +44.94%
7 Michael Bush (RB, OAK) vs. HOU +39.70%
8 Willis McGahee (RB, DEN) vs. SD +38.86%
9 Jason Campbell (QB, OAK) vs. HOU +37.30%
10 Jared Cook (TE, TEN) vs. PIT +36.11%


The other side of the coin finds a lot of reliable fantasy guys struggling. It might be time to see if you can unload some of these guys in a trade and others you might just dump.

Pierre Garcon might have busted out for the Colts, but guys like Austin Collie and Dallas Clark are not getting it done so far, Clark especially misses the presence of Manning. Last year's rookie sensation Sam Bradford is struggling in his sophomore campaign. And Thomas Jones hasn't been able to grasp the opportunity left by the injury to Jamaal Charles.

Top Trade/Drops powered by
Rank Player Opponent Points
1 Sam Bradford (QB, STL) BYE -42.33%
2 Hines Ward (WR, PIT) vs. TEN -41.11%
3 Knowshon Moreno (RB, DEN) vs. SD -40.09%
4 Chad Ochocinco (WR, NE) vs. NYJ -39.89%
5 Austin Collie (WR, IND) vs. KC -37.43%
6 DeAngelo Williams (RB, CAR) vs. NO -35.61%
7 Dallas Clark (TE, IND) vs. KC -34.08%
8 Thomas Jones (RB, KC) vs. IND -33.28%