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Vincent Jackson Fantasy Stats: San Diego Chargers WR Goes Wild In Loss

San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson had a performance many receivers can only hope that their virtual avatars do in Madden. Despite the loss, Jackson grabbed seven passes for 165 yards and a touchdown. This was second only to his 10-catch, 172-yard game against the New England Patriots in Week 2.

This has been a boom or bust season for Jackson. He seems to either make his fantasy owners' day or crush their hopes, with no in-between. Last week, Jackson caught one 22-yards pass against the Raiders. Jackson has 35 receptions for 635 yards and six touchdowns so far this season, including a three-touchdown, 141-yard game against Green Bay in Week 9. 

Fake Teams, SB Nation's fantasy site, had Jackson ranked 14th on their receiver rankings for week 11. 

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