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Marshawn Lynch Fantasy Stats: Seattle Seahawks RB Scampers For TD

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has scored a rushing touchdown in six straight games after needing three yards to find the end zone against the St. Louis Rams. He finished the game with 27 carries for 88 yards.

After seemingly being lost in the sputtering Seahawks offense, Lynch has emerged lately as a viable force for Seattle and fantasy owners. Injuries to Seattle's offense line will put a strain on his ability to produce going forward. Over his last two games, Lynch topped triple digits in rushing yards.

Entering week 11, Lynch had 507 rushing yards on 129 carries with five rushing touchdowns. He also had 149 receiving yards on 17 catches. Fake Teams, SB Nation's fantasy sports site, ranked Lynch 16th on their list of running backs for week 11. 

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