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Matt Leinart Injury Update: Reported Broken Collarbone Could Mean Even More Arian Foster, Ben Tate

The Houston Texans quarterback woes took another bad turn as backup QB Matt Leinart suffered what folks believe is a season-ending collarbone break. Leinart was making his first start in place of Matt Schaub who suffered his own season-ending foot injury two weeks ago. Leinart was off to a solid start, completing 10 of 13 passes for 57 yards and a touchdown before he was driven into the ground on a pass attempt.

The Texans called on rookie T.J. Yates who was 8 of 15 for 70 yards with four rushes for -3 yards. The Texans were able to hold onto their win in a tough divisional road victory. Yates was not wildly impressive in his debut, but he didn't make any bad mistakes.

If Leinart did suffer a broken collarbone and is out for the year, the team is likely to try and sign a free agent quarterback. There are not a lot of options, so it is possible Yates will get a shot at holding onto the starting job. The Texans are built around their rushing game and defense, so a fairly low-key QB isn't necessarily a bad option.

As the Texans move forward, the fantasy implications are numerous. They will likely focus in on the rushing attack. Arian Foster is already a top fantasy option, but this could mean more touches for Ben Tate. He is a tough play given his backup role, but if the team goes to even more of a rush-heavy attack, Tate would likely benefit. On the other hand, the wide receivers and tight ends become sizable question marks in fantasy football. Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels remain solid starts given their talent, but their upside might be going down.

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