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Danny Amendola Injury Update: Rams Receiver Likely Out For Season

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola suffered a gruesome injury (pretty gruesome looking picture) Sunday afternoon as he dislocated his left elbow while making his fifth catch of the game. Amendola had five catches for 45 yards at the time of the injury and seemed to be picking up right where he left off in 2010. In just his second season, Amendola had 85 receptions for 689 yards and had emerged as a favorite target of rookie QB Sam Bradford.

The injury cuts short what was looking to be a promising third year in the NFL as Amendola is likely going to end up on injured reserve. John Clayton initially estimated he would miss eight to ten weeks, but subsequent reports look at it as a likely season-ending injury.

In Amendola's absence, the Rams will consider a variety of options from their current rookies to the numerous veterans available in free agency. That list includes anybody from Brandon Stokley to Randy Moss to even Terrell Owens once his knee is better. For Sam Bradford, losing such a big weapon hurts given how frequently he targeted Amendola in 2010. Bradford was already more of a bye-week and injury fill-in and this loss would likely downgrade him just a bit.