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Michael Vick Injury: Listed as Questionable, Expected To Start

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is expected to start today against the New York Giants. Vick suffered a concussion in Sunday's loss to the Atlanta Falcons, but appears to have recovered and passed the necessary concussion baseline tests. Vick was required to be cleared by an independent physician as well as the Eagles physician. Vick is officially listed as questionable on the Eagles injury report, but all indications are that he will start the game.

If for some reason Vick cannot go, back up quarterback Mike Kafka would be the expected starter for the Eagles. Kafka finished last weeks game against the Falcons, posting some pretty impressive numbers. Kafka completed 7 of 9 of his pass attempts for 72 yards late in the fourth quarter.

A questionable status typically denotes a player has a "50-50" shot of playing in the game. If the Eagles were not going to start Vick on Sunday, I would think they'd have ruled him out already or listed him as a game time decision.