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[UPDATED] 2011 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings: Aaron Rodgers, Mike Vick Top List

Preparing for your fantasy draft requires research, but we've gone ahead and done that for you. Enjoy our updated rankings of the Top 20 fantasy quarterbacks.

There's still an opportunity for fantasy drafts to happen before the start of the season, so we decided to update our rankings at each position. One of our partners at SB Nation Fantasy Football,, sent us their consensus Top 20 at each position. These rankings are drawn from experts around the Internet and condensed into one easy-to-use table for draft purposes.

The QB charts have remained steady throughout the preseason, with most of the usual suspects topping the board. A lack of major injuries has kept the status quo, although the health of Peyton Manning, and a worry about the Colts overall, has dropped him to sixth in the rankings, one of his lowest positions in a long time. Super Bowl champ Aaron Rodgers is riding high in the top spot, followed by dual-threat Michael Vick. Matthew Stafford has had a brilliant preseason, but with his long history of injuries, he still labors in the 14th spot.

2011 Draft Consensus Rankings

1. Aaron Rodgers (QB) GB
2. Michael Vick (QB) PHI
3. Drew Brees (QB) NO
4. Tom Brady (QB) NE
5. Philip Rivers (QB) SD
6. Peyton Manning (QB) IND
7. Tony Romo (QB) DAL
8. Matt Schaub (QB) HOU
9. Matt Ryan (QB) ATL
10. Ben Roethlisberger (QB) PIT
11. Josh Freeman (QB) TB
12. Eli Manning (QB) NYG
13. Joe Flacco (QB) BAL
14. Matthew Stafford (QB) DET
15. Jay Cutler (QB) CHI
16. Sam Bradford (QB) STL
17. Kevin Kolb (QB) ARI
18. Matt Cassel (QB) KC
19. Mark Sanchez (QB) NYJ
20. Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB) BUF
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