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Greg Jennings' surgery postponed by Hurricane Sandy: Fantasy implications

Greg Jennings' hernia surgery in Philadelphia has been postponed due to the hurricane. We break down the fantasy implications.

Jonathan Daniel

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that Green Bay Packers WR Greg Jennings' hernia surgery will be postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. Jennings has a sports hernia, and was due to have the surgery this week in Philadelphia. The entire Northeast area will be affected by this massive storm, so it's uncertain when Jennings will get his much-needed surgery.

Jennings was expected to take about three weeks to recover from the surgery.

Fantasy Impact: For all we know, it could only be delayed by a couple days at worst, but the Packers and fantasy owners are entering heated playoff races, so time is of the essence in his rehab. Jennings still hopes to come back before the season ends.

This hurricane is going to mess with everyone's schedules for the next few days (the NFL's league offices will be closed on Tuesday), so hang tight and stay safe.

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