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Fantasy Football Rankings, Week 6: Quarterbacks

Recent quarterback injuries are examined and our Week 6 Quarterback Rankings.

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We have come to that point in the season when injuries really start to throw a wrench in our fantasy seasons. Three fantasy quarterbacks have injuries that make them either questionable or out of action for Week 6. Of course, added to that is if the skill position players around our quarterbacks start missing time. We'll share a few quarterbacks with you below that you can hopefully grab off waivers to fill your void this week.

The biggest name to go down was Robert Griffin III. Griffin was leveled on a hit in the third quarter and left with a mild concussion. With the league's emphasis on head trauma and concussions, I am sure that every effort will be made to make sure that he is completely symptom free. Added to that, the Redskins will probably not risk the future of their franchise. Right now, Griffin III believes that he'll be able to play this week against the Vikings. If he is unable to go, Kirk Cousins would no doubt get the start. Cousins finished with 111 yards passing and a touchdown. Very concerning is that two of his nine passes were intercepted. The Minnesota defense is playing very well this season, so Cousins is not much of an option this week. Keep an eye on this situation.

Matt Cassel was also knocked out of his game in Week 5, and is dealing with a possible concussion. Going into the game, Cassel was on the verge of being replaced based upon his weak performance thus far. He has not been ruled out for Week 6 but all signs point to that being the case. The Chiefs have their bye in Week 7, so giving Cassel three weeks to recover would probably be the wise thing to do. Brady Quinn would get the call in his absence. If Quinn gets the start, he'll face a Tampa Bay defense that has not been able to stop anyone's passing attack this season.

The third quarterback to keep an eye on is Alex Smith. He has a sprain on the middle finger of his throwing hand. It's too early in the week to know how much this will effect his passing and whether it will force him to miss any time. The concern with this hand injury is how it limits his ability to grip the football. Smith had a great game against the Bills, passing for 303 yards and three touchdowns before leaving for the day. Colin Kaepernick would fill in if Smith misses any playing time.

My predictions for quarterbacks to have a great Week 6:

Kevin Kolb, Cardinals - I'm not a Kolb fan but he has a great matchup this week. He'll be playing at home against the Bills. Arizona's backfield has been decimated by injuries and that will lead to a greater dependence on the pass. My only concern is if the Bills defensive line finally wakes up and knocks Kolb around like St. Louis did last week.

Christian Ponder, Vikings - Ponder has been having a pretty good season and it seems like he's becoming more comfortable within the offense. He faces a terrible Redskins pass defense this week. If I needed a bye week or injury replacement, Ponder would be high on my list.

Alex Smith/Colin Kaepernick, 49ers - I'm sure Alex Smith will do all that he can to face a Giants secondary that has been getting torched on a weekly basis. Last year in their regular season meeting, the Niners game plan was to pass the ball a lot and Smith took full advantage of the Giants.

1 Matt Ryan
2 Aaron Rodgers
3 Ben Roethlisberger
4 Peyton Manning
5 Robert Griffin III
6 Tom Brady
7 Matthew Stafford
8 Michael Vick
9 Philip Rivers
10 Eli Manning
11 Andy Dalton
12 Matt Schaub
13 Joe Flacco
14 Christian Ponder
15 Andrew Luck
16 Alex Smith
17 Kevin Kolb
18 Tony Romo
19 Ryan Fitzpatrick
20 Carson Palmer
21 Brandon Weeden
22 Brady Quinn
23 Ryan Tannehill
24 Josh Freeman
25 Sam Bradford
26 Russell Wilson
27 Matt Hasselbeck
28 Mark Sanchez
29 Kirk Cousins
BYE Cam Newton
BYE Jay Cutler
BYE Blaine Gabbert
BYE Drew Brees

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