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Trent Richardson had two first-half TDs for fantasy owners

Trent Richardson is on his way to a big day against the Skins.

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Trent Richardson hit pay dirt twice on his way to 26 yards on eight carries. He also has two catches for -5 yards in the passing game.

Richardson had a TD reviewed and overturned, but he plunged it in two plays later for his second score. He hasn't been that effective today and he has a 14-yard run, so that means his seven other carries are good for just 12 yards.

T-Rich ranks seventh in the league in carries, fifth in the league in TDs and 14th in rushing yards. He's the main force in Cleveland's offense and he will be for a long time. He also has 45 catches for 348 yards and one TD in the passing game. The Browns have been moving the ball effectively despite Richardson's ugly grind.

He has a good chance to score once more and he'll be worth starting in all leagues against the Broncos next week.