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Fantasy War Room: Mike Wallace Is Back, Baby!

The SB Nation Fantasy War Room sponsored by Sprint is back at 6:00 p.m. ET, with a little pep in our step thanks to the return of Mike Wallace. We will be here to provide live fantasy football advice as we get ready for the final preseason games of the year later this week.

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I do believe that qualifies as big news today. After months of waiting, Mike Wallace reported to Pittsburgh today, and should be back and ready in time for week one of the regular season. He has a new offense to learn, but a teammate indicated it should not be too difficult for him. Wallace did slow down the second half of last season, but the talent is there for him to remain an upper echelon receiving option. Especially considering the contract he is trying to earn.

And on that note, welcome back to the 2012 Fantasy War Room sponsored by Sprint!

This is a short week heading into preseason finales, but things are fairly quiet on the NFL news front. Chris Cooley was released by the Redskins, but for fantasy purposes that would have been news three or four years ago. Instead we find ourselves just biding our time until football returns in a week, hoping players we just drafted avoid injury tomorrow and Thursday.

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As you're getting ready for your drafts. SB Nation Fantasy will have plenty of resources to help you in your drafts. The War Room is a resource in and of itself, but we'll also be updating our positional rankings throughout the coming week. For now, you can check out our latest quarterback, running back and wide receiver rankings. And don't forget our Top 100 Cheat Sheets for PPR leagues and standard leagues.

How To Post

If you have a question, go down in the comments below and post the question in the subject line. In the message portion, include a quick rundown of pertinent facts about your league. Fantasy football has evolved to a point where most leagues differ on numerous issues. In order to best assist you on draft night, we will need to know some of the basics of your league.

You don't need to spell out every single point category, but things like where you have points per reception (PPR) and whether you have passing touchdowns equal to rushing touchdowns are incredibly important in determining drafting strategy. PPR vs. non-PPR is generally the most important distinction, but if you have any other rule tweaks that impact decisions, let us know so we can provide as much help as possible.

All official SB Nation answers will come from the user SB Nation Fantasy. For tonight, that account will be run by Andrew Geiger of Casual Hoya. Andrew has been playing fantasy football since before playing fantasy football was cool. As Commissioner and member of his legendary 12-team ppr league that formed nearly a decade ago, his 'Gin & Jews' squad won the Championship in 2008 and has reached the Superbowl four years in a row. In his spare time, Andrew listens to Bruce Springsteen while scouring the waiver wire for the next big thing.

Others are more than welcome to throw in their own two cents. Just click on the reply button and let people know what you think works for a given draft situation.

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