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Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: Tim Tebow, Sleeper Quarterback

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We break down the sleeper fantasy football value of Tim Tebow and look ahead to week 1 sit/start rankings.

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We are officially into Week 1 of the 2012 NFL season, which means drafts are just about wrapped up, and it is now time to start figuring out your starting lineup. However, whether you are completing a last-minute draft or you are scouring the waiver wire for any potential sleepers, SB Nation fantasy has a name that might surprise you.

Tim Tebow.

The Tim Tebow phenomenon has been a thing to behold, and has only become crazier since he was dealt to the New York Jets. ESPN provides round the clock coverage and he is daily fodder for New York papers. And he is not even the starting quarterback yet.

There is a reason Tim Tebow is not appearing in the average draft position calculator for 12-team leagues. Tebow seems like more likely to play fullback than quarterback when the season opens. He is likely going to get some option- and wildcat-type plays, but not enough to justify inserting him into a starting lineup. Mark Sanchez isn't exactly a great fantasy option either, but he is more likely to earn significant fantasy points in these opening weeks.

Instead, Tebow's value lies as somebody you can stash on your bench early in the season. If Tebow can ever work his way into the starting lineup, his scrambling skills more than make up for his inability to hit the broadside of a barn with some of his passes. If you look at Tebow's 2011 game log, you'll see strong rushing totals with timely rushing touchdowns. His passing numbers were all over the board, but if you are in a league that gives quarterbacks four points per passing touchdown, those six-point rushing touchdowns are all the more valuable.

There are two positives to stashing Tebow on your bench now. On the one hand, he could emerge as the Jets' starter and actually provide real value either to your team or as a trade chip. On the other hand, if after a month Sanchez appears locked in as the starter, Tebow provides easy waiver fodder when bye weeks get going in Week 4.

When it comes to finding sleepers, fantasy owners often have to zig when the other owners are preparing to zag. Stashing a guy like Tim Tebow on your bench could be that much needed zig.

In the meantime, here are our quarterback rankings to get you set for Week 1.

1 Aaron Rodgers
2 Drew Brees
3 Tom Brady
4 Cam Newton
5 Matthew Stafford
6 Michael Vick
7 Eli Manning
8 Matt Ryan
9 Philip Rivers
10 Robert Griffin III
11 Tony Romo
12 Jay Cutler
13 Peyton Manning
14 Jake Locker
15 Matt Schaub
16 Ben Roethlisberger
17 Josh Freeman
18 Joe Flacco
19 Alex Smith
20 Russell Wilson
21 Sam Bradford
22 Carson Palmer
23 Andrew Luck
24 Blaine Gabbert
25 Matt Cassel
26 Christian Ponder
27 Ryan Fitzpatrick
28 Mark Sanchez
29 Andy Dalton
30 John Skelton
31 Brandon Weeden
32 Ryan Tannehill
33 Tim Tebow

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