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Fantasy football rankings: Week 8 running backs for PPR and standard leagues

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We're at the midpoint of the regular season for most fantasy football leagues. Check out some rankings for backs in what could be a make-or-break week.

Peter Aiken

There's a good chance that if you took a running back in the first round, you're one hot little potato right now. It seems like almost half the backs taken in the first round have either gone down or been outplayed by their backups.

In Week 7, Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin suffered a shoulder injury, and he's likely to be out for the season. Many, myself included, had Martin rated as the second pick in the draft, and now he's not even worth putting on your team.

Moving along, C.J. Spiller has been outplayed by Fred Jackson this season. It's a terrible development for the young ex-Clemson back, especially with how the Buffalo Bills front office was pimpin' him like it was Big Daddy Kane. It anointed him as a 2,000-yard back, and the Bills' offensive coordinator said they were going to give him the ball "until he throws up." Well, hopefully Spiller has an appointment with a gastroenterologist coming up.

Trent Richardson went to the Indianapolis Colts and their high-powered offense and has completely fallen apart. He obviously still has to be owned, but Donald Brown has been outplaying him lately. For what it's worth, it took Marshawn Lynch some time to get his career off the ground after the Bills traded him to the Seattle Seahawks. Hopefully the bye week helps Richardson.

Roy Helu scored three TDs on Sunday, and Alfred Morris has just three TDs on the season. This could become a timeshare, but with the Washington Redskins moving the ball better these days, Morris could still serve as a low-end RB1 in standard formats. Also, Helu is an adept pass catcher and has a 14-catch game on his resume.

Adrian Peterson is off to a slow start, and he let a lot of people down with a 28-yard rushing game against a soft New York Giants D. The good news is that he's relatively healthy and he gets Green Bay -- a team he's been shredding over the past couple years -- at home on Sunday .

Arian Foster has a hamstring strain, but the good news he has a bye coming up here. Obviously, Ben Tate has to be owned -- even in four-team leagues.

Best of luck this week, and hopefully any team that's 2-5 gets a win. It's almost impossible to crawl your way out of a hole like that. Although, don't kick yourself too hard since injuries are all over the place. Nothing like getting nothing out of your first-round pick. Also, I'm sorry if I put you in a bad mood, but hey, the NBA is coming up! But I digress. Here we go:

Standard league PPR league
1 Adrian Peterson (GB) Jamaal Charles (CLE)
2 Jamaal Charles (CLE) LeSean McCoy (NYG)
3 Marshawn Lynch (@STL) Reggie Bush (DAL)
4 LeSean McCoy (NYG) Adrian Peterson (GB)
5 Reggie Bush (DAL) Marshawn Lynch (@STL)
6 Eddie Lacy (@MIN) Darren Sproles (BUF)
7 Knowshon Moreno (WAS) Knowshon Moreno (WAS)
8 Frank Gore (@JAX) Steven Jackson (@AZ)
9 Steven Jackson (@AZ) Eddie Lacy (@MIN)
10 Alfred Morris (@DEN) DeAngelo Williams (@TB)
11 Darren Sproles (BUF) Giovani Bernard (NYJ_
12 DeAngelo Williams (@TB) Darren McFadden (PIT)
13 C.J. Spiller (@NO) C.J. Spiller (@NO)
14 Fred Jackson (@NO) Frank Gore (@JAX)
15 Le'Veon Bell (@OAK) Le'Veon Bell (@OAK)
16 Darren McFadden (PIT) Alfred Morris (@DEN)
17 Giovani Bernard (NYJ) Joseph Randle (@DET)
18 Joseph Randle (@DET) Fred Jackson (@NO)
19 Stevan Ridley (MIA) Mike James (CAR)
20 Mike James (CAR) Andre Ellington (ATL)
21 Andre Ellington (ATL) Zac Stacy (SEA)
22 Chris Ivory (@CIN) Joique Bell (DAL)
23 Lamar Miller (@NE) Roy Helu (@DEN)
24 Zac Stacy (SEA) Chris Ivory (@CIN)
25 Rashard Mendenhall (ATL) Pierre Thomas (BUF)
26 Roy Helu (@DEN) Maurice Jones-Drew (SF)
27 Joique Bell (DAL) Stevan Ridley (MIA)
28 Bilal Powell (@CIN) Mike Tolbert (@TB)
29 Pierre Thomas (BUF) Rashard Mendenhall (ATL)
30 Brandon Jacobs (@PHI) Lamar Miller (@NE)
31 Maurice Jones-Drew (SF) Bilal Powell (@CIN)
32 Mike Tolbert (@TB) Chris Ogbonnaya (@KC)
33 Willis McGahee (@KC) Jacquizz Rodgers (@AZ)
34 Brandon Bolden (MIA) Brandon Jacobs (@PHI)
35 Brian Leonard (CAR) Brian Leonard (CAR)
36 Chris Ogbonnaya (@KC) Brandon Bolden (MIA)
37 Kendall Hunter (@JAX) Kendall Hunter (@JAX)
38 BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NYJ) Willis McGahee (@KC)
39 Peyton Hillis (@PHI) Ronnie Hillman (WAS)
40 Bryce Brown (NYG) Lance Dunbar (@DET)
41 Jacquizz Rodgers (@AZ) Daryl Richardson (SEA)
42 Lance Dunbar (@DET) Michael Cox (@PHI)
43 Montee Ball (WAS) Peyton Hillis (@PHI)
44 James Starks (@MIN) Bryce Brown (NYG)
45 Ronnie Hillman (WAS) Fozzy Whittaker (@KC)
46 Daryl Richardson (SEA) Jason Snelling (@AZ)
47 LeGarrette Blount (MIA) BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NYJ)
48 Marc Ingram (BUF) Montee Ball (WAS)
49 Felix Jones (@OAK) LeGarrette Blount (MIA)
50 Daniel Thomas (@NE) James Starks (@MIN)

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