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Fantasy football waiver wire advice: Five QBs to target in Week 6

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Did you lose Matt Ryan this week or have your quarterback get hurt? Check out some possible pickups for fantasy football leagues of all depths.


With Week 6 approaching, there are a lot of fantasy owners that aren't happy with their starting quarterback. Tom Brady probably leads the pack for biggest letdown after his Week 5 performance. He scored just four points in standard fantasy leagues and he has yet to have one of his signature weeks that carry owners to victory.

Brady is not alone. Colin Kaepernick was all the rage after his massive 400-yard game against the Packers in Week 1, but he has completely fallen off since. He has failed to eclipse 167 passing yards since then, and his Week 5 outing was particularly bad. Even though he had a 64-yard TD to Vernon Davis, he totaled just 113 yards on six completions. That's pathetic considering his team put up 34 points in a win.

Fantasy owners should really play their studs. Interestingly, Tony Romo was only started in 33 percent of leagues, and obviously 100 percent of that 67 percent had to be fuming about their decision. Chances are guys like Brady and Kaepernick are going to turn it around, and when it happens a lot of owners are going to miss out with those guys on their benches. Don't be that guy, then pick up some unproven guy, then play him over a guy you felt comfortable drafting.

On the other hand, there are some owners that need help. Michael Vick is going to miss this week, surprising fantasy phenom Brian Hoyer is out for the year, E.J. Manuel could miss most of the season and Blaine Gabbert is out for a while. We know many fantasy teams were crushed by the loss of Gabbert, so we're here to help. Here are some guys that are widely available.

Terrelle Pryor (owned in 42 percent of leagues)

He came out like gangbusters on Sunday night/Monday morning, completing his first 10 passes for 115 yards and two TDs. He cooled off to finish with 18-of-23 for 221 yards and two scores to go with 31 rushing yards on 11 carries.

The Raiders seem to have a good grasp of what he can and cannot do, so they're moving the pocket and drawing up plays that put a lot of receivers in front of him on his side of the field. Although, last night was a bit of a best-case scenario since the Chargers don't have a very good defense. Pryor still offers a lot of upside, and he's going to put up some big weeks. That big week probably won't come this week against Kansas City, but things should get better after that.

Nick Foles (owned in 3 percent of leagues)

In case you missed it in the intro, Michael Vick is going to miss Week 6. The Eagles have been moving the ball effectively for much of the season. Only the Broncos have produced more yards than the Eagles and Philly also ranks eighth in points per game.

Foles already exhibited his knowledge of Chip Kelly's offense in the preseason. In fact, he was close to winning the starting job out of the gate. However, the team had financial ties to Vick, which may suggest why they were so haphazard in allowing him out of the pocket and take so many hits.

The Eagles get a sub-par matchup with the Bucs this week, then it gets better against the Cowboys and Giants. The team is unlikely to rush Vick back and Foles could even take the job and run with it. Go get him.

Brandon Weeden (owned in 5 percent of leagues)

Brian Hoyer is out for the year and the Browns are back to square one with Weeden. He wasn't too shabby while getting called upon joining the first unit with no prep time,  putting up 197 yards and a score on a short week on Thursday by was getting the ball outside of the numbers to Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron.

Weeden was a revelation in the preseason, but he came back to earth to start the year. He's not a terrible option, but the Browns have been able to create some offense. Although, it'll be tough sledding for him in the upcoming weeks. He does get Detroit this week and is a QB2 with upside in the plus matchup.

Mike Glennon (owned in 3 percent of leagues)

Things don't look good in Tampa Bay, which is too bad considering there talent level at the skill spots. Glennon had an 18.3 QBR and a 55 passer rating in Week 4 in his first start against a tough matchup with the Cardinals. The schedule does get better, though. The Saints and Falcons can give up a lot of points and they also get some other favorable matchups outside of the division.

They also had a bye week, which should only help him get on the same page with his receivers. The Bucs haven't even been able to move the ball on the ground, but Doug Martin leads the NFL in carries per game. Glennon is a low-upside QB for deep or two-QB leagues.

Josh Freeman (owned in 8 percent of leagues)

He's more of a stash and is not scheduled to start yet. Plus, the Vikings are going to roll with Adrian Peterson come hell or high water. This is an emergency pickup.

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