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Andy Reid explains why Jamaal Charles only had 5 touches in 2nd half

Andy Reid says Jamaal Charles only got five second-half touches because the team only ran 15 plays. We break down the fantasy implications.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid blamed the fact that the team ran only 15 plays in the second half of Sunday's game for running back Jamaal Charles' lack of touches, according to BJ Kissel of the team website. Charles touched the ball just five times in the second half of a very close game against the San Francisco 49ers, which the Cheifs ultimately lost, 22-17.

Reid has been under fire multiple times this season when it comes to playing time, and this isn't the first time it's concerned Charles. The prolific running back carried the ball 15 times for 80 yards, good for a per-carry average of 5.3 yards. He wasn't used much in the second half, despite the fact that he was effective earlier in the game. Reid's excuse of the team only running 15 plays in the second half might hold more water if not for the fact that a player like Charles typically extends drives, resulting in more plays.

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Fantasy Impact: Charles hasn't been as productive a fantasy back as we all know he can be just yet, but the potential is always there. He was banged up a little bit earlier in the season, but he's healthy now and Reid will likely learn from Sunday's game. That means he'll likely feed Charles when the team returns from a bye to take on the San Diego Chargers in Week 7.