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Fantasy football stats: The best of Week 10

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I want to talk to the guy with Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch in his starting lineup Sunday.

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The early games of Week 10 were kind of a bust, as far as huge fantasy performances went. There were some big games, but nothing bordering on the historic. But then Seattle played the Giants in the late afternoon, and then Green Bay played Chicago at night, and ohhhhhh boy, did we have some numbers this week.

We're here to discuss the best fantasy performances of the week. Maybe it wasn't the deepest week of the season as far as big performances go, but the top numbers were right there with the top numbers of any week we'll ever see.

Let's get to it:

Best quarterbacks in Week 10

Aaron Rodgers, GB (315 passing yards, 6 touchdowns, 36 fantasy points)

That was one half of numbers for Rodgers, as he played two drives in the second half and completed no passes before the Packers went to Matt Flynn because they were running away with the game to a ridiculous degree. Ben Roethlisberger threw for six touchdowns each in Weeks 8 and 9. Rodgers threw for six touchdowns in a half Sunday night.

Next game: The Packers play against the Eagles in Week 11. Rodgers will be a great fantasy play. Obviously. You knew that.

Peyton Manning, DEN (340 passing yards, 5 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 29 fantasy points)

It's almost boring when Manning makes it onto this page. Like ... I'm a University of Kentucky alumnus and fan. When we make it deep in the NCAA tournament, it's fun, but the alternative is just disappointment. It's the same thing for Manning. If he makes the Best of the Week, good job, you did what you were supposed to. If you fall just short, you're a bum and you should feel bad. It's lonely at the top.

Next game: The Broncos play at the Rams in Week 11. Manning will be right back at the top of the rankings.

Tony Romo, DAL (246 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, 21 fantasy points)

OK, so 21 points normally wouldn't rank that highly in the Best of the Week. And sure, the Cowboys were playing the always-easy-to-score-on Jaguars. Regardless, the fact that Romo, who most thought shouldn't have even traveled to London for Sunday's game, managed the week's No. 2 quarterback fantasy score is incredible, and -- overused as the term may be -- really speaks to his toughness. Kudos, Romo.

Next game: Romo is probably the player most in need of a bye in the entire NFL right now, and he gets it in Week 11. The Cowboys play at the Giants in Week 12, so keep an eye on the reports on Romo's health, but he'll probably rank as a low-end starter.

Best running backs in Week 10

Marshawn Lynch, SEA (140 rushing yards, 4 rushing touchdowns, 23 receiving yards, 40 fantasy points)

It's a helpless feeling, going against Lynch in fantasy. I had to do it in three different leagues this week. With most teams, when they get down to the goal line, sure, the running back is likely to get a shot at the score. But there's always the chance the change-of-pace back will get it, or they'll let the quarterback sneak it, or, I don't know, J.J. Watt will come in as an eligible receiver. The Seahawks, though, never appeared to even consider a non-Lynch option Sunday until the game was decided. You just watch and cry. Watch and cry.

Next game: I predicted early in the season that Lynch would be a fantasy piece to ride early in the year, then sell high on. We're around that time, but the way he's going right now, it's hard to imagine anyone willing to even pony up a fair price for him. At Kansas City in Week 11, Lynch will be in all lineups.

Justin Forsett, BAL (112 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns, 23 fantasy points)

Forsett probably has the largest gap between "fantasy production through 10 weeks" and "people believing it" in fantasy history. But it's easy to see why -- he came into the season as a 28-year-old (now 29) journeyman who had 550 rushing yards his last three years combined. But at this point, Forsett has 117 fantasy points through 10 games, and hasn't put up fewer than nine since Week 3. He's an every-week must-start, and his backups (Lorenzo Taliaferro, Bernard Pierce) are basically irrelevant.

Next game: The Ravens finally have their bye in Week 11, then come back with a Monday night game at New Orleans. Forsett needs to be in your lineup.

C.J. Anderson, DEN (90 rushing yards, 73 receiving yards, 1 receiving touchdown, 22 fantasy points)

I entered the season high on C.J. Anderson as the backup to Montee Ball. When Ball went down, I thought Anderson would back up Ronnie Hillman. When Juwan Thompson scored two touchdowns a couple weeks ago, I finally accepted that Anderson wasn't what I thought he was. So this makes total sense. Anderson had the hot hand Sunday and, with Hillman battling a foot injury, the team just rode the hot guy for the game. I'm claiming vindication on this, even if it comes after I had admitted defeat.

Next game: The Broncos will play at the Rams next week. Hillman will be back in the mix next week, Thompson is still around, and even Ball will likely be back. The end result is that Anderson will be a face in the crowd, and very hard to use in fantasy.

Best wide receivers in Week 10

Dez Bryant, DAL (158 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns, 27 fantasy points)

If you argued it well enough, you could claim Bryant had a 316-yard, four-score game, as every bit of his production in London Sunday came in the first half. After an underwhelming performance with Brandon Weeden at quarterback in Week 9, Bryant showed why he is who he is Sunday, with a 35-yard and a 68-yard score in the second quarter. He's had at least five fantasy points every game this season.

Next game: Week 11 bye, then the Cowboys come back against the Dolphins. Bryant will be a high-end WR1.

Jordy Nelson, GB (152 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns, 27 fantasy points)

You can run out of superlatives for these guys. Sunday night was Nelson's third game of 20-plus fantasy points this season and his sixth of 10-plus. He and Rodgers have been dominant this season. Yay him, yay you if you drafted him, and I'm sorry if you've been playing against him.

Next game: The Packers host the Eagles in Week 11, which lines Nelson up with Jeremy Maclin, one of the season's other truly dominant receivers. Good times abound.

Martavis Bryant, PIT (143 receiving yards, 1 touchdown, 20 fantasy points)

This Bryant run feels a lot like the Antone Smith run early in the season. Smith had five touchdowns in six games to start the year despite 23 total touches in that time. Only, I say that, but Bryant is smoking those numbers. Through four games, the rookie has six touchdowns on 14 touches. That rate can't possibly continue -- either he'll score less often, or the Steelers will get him the ball more. The way he's going, it feels more like the latter.

Next game: The Steelers travel to Tennessee to play the Titans next Monday night. Bryant is shooting up the fantasy rankings.

Best tight ends in Week 10

Jimmy Graham, NO (76 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns, 19 fantasy points)

Graham was an offensive pass interference call on a Hail Mary away from another 10 fantasy points, and that's a call you rarely see as it is. As it is, Graham scored on an 11-yard touchdown in the third quarter and a 2-yarder in the fourth that briefly gave the Saints the lead. Since missing Week 7 with injury, Graham had 22 catches, 218 yards and four scores in his last three games. So, you know, the worries about him earlier this season were pretty unfounded.

Next game: /tries to think of a situation where it matters who Graham plays /fails

Julius Thomas, DEN (63 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns, 18 fantasy points)

Thomas still hasn't gone for more than 66 yards in a game since Week 1. Of course, he now also has 12 touchdowns in nine games, which more than makes up for any silly yardage deficiencies he might be putting out there. He's ... I don't have many more good words I can say about these guys. He's good, OK?

Next game: Remember what I said about Jimmy Graham a couple paragraphs ago? Yeah, that.

Jared Cook, STL (84 receiving yards, 1 touchdown, 14 fantasy points)

Cook had four total fantasy points in his last three games coming into Sunday, so anyone who was still rolling with him had to feel relieved he found his way into some points. Of course, Cook still had only two catches and three targets, so it's not like the St. Louis offense was revolving around him or anything -- more like he took advantage of a ravaged-by-injury Arizona offense on some fluke plays that aren't likely to continue.

Next game: The Rams host the Broncos next week. Denver has been fairly susceptible to the tight end this season, but I know that I wouldn't want to pin my hopes on Jared Cook.

Best kicker in Week 10

Matt Bryant, ATL (4/4 FG, 1/1 XP, 15 fantasy points)

Bryant had averaged only 5.6 fantasy points a game since Week 1 leading into Sunday, so this performance, accounting for almost half of the Falcons' points Sunday, probably came from the fantasy waiver wire, as he wasn't likely to still be stashed on many rosters.

Best defense/special teams in Week 10

Arizona Cardinals (14 points allowed, 2 interceptions, 1 fumble recovery, 2 touchdowns, 6 sacks, 27 fantasy points)

I had a thought near the end of this game:

Palmer was injured on the Cardinals' first fourth-quarter drive. Both Davis interceptions, the Davis fumble and both Arizona defensive touchdowns came after that. So, that was weird.