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FanDuel lineup tips and advice, Week 12: Insider trading

Getting results in Week 12 is easy. Just use Week 11.

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There are two types of people that play FanDuel: those looking to make profit, and those looking to make PROFIT. Admittedly, the former is the more intelligent practice of the two. There's absolutely nothing wrong with winning a few dollars while playing fantasy football, and if you can do it every week against 40, maybe even 50 other like-minded individuals, then by all means you should do it. Profit is profit, after all.

Then there are those that want PROFIT, and the former just won't cut it. For instance, if you had the option to swap places with Matt Ryan or Johnny Manziel, you'd choose Ryan, right? Of course you would. Face of the franchise, leader of his own team, irreplaceable, etc. And no one would blame you. But me, personally...I'm not interested in that. I'd rather be on a beach with Gronk in April. And when I open my browser to check my FanDuel account Tuesday morning, I'd rather see enough winnings to buy a boat (and I don't even want a boat.)

In order to achieve that, however, you have to know more than what the stats are telling you (and even that takes a few hours of research.) Much like sports betting or the stock market, you have to know values and jump when opportunity presents itself.

Having said that, the following list of players are a few names whose value dropped in price following Week 11.

Eli Manning ($7,200, -$200 Differential from Week 11)

Manning finished with five interceptions and a season-low quarterback rating of 36.6 last week. I get that. But right now, there's not a better buy for those willing to go out on a limb. Manning still ranks as the No. 12 quarterback on FanDuel, but is priced as No. 20 in Week 12. Furthermore, having faced an average of bottom-five offenses to date, the Dallas Cowboys secondary has been scarcely tested down the field. I can't imagine his ownership would be high, which makes him the perfect play for this Sunday.

Sammy Watkins ($7.500 This Week, -$300)

Don't let his past two performances fool you. Though Watkins only has seven receptions over the last two weeks, he's collected a total of 17 targets. The Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins are actually two of only three teams that have allowed under 2,200 yards passing, so really, his performances shouldn't even come as a shock. During his last game against the New York Jets, however, Watkins finished with 157 yards and a touchdown. The hate has gone too far, and there is no better time to plug him in than against a Jets secondary that has allowed the most passing touchdowns in the league.

Marques Colston ($6,000, -$100)

We can all admit that Jimmy Graham guy is pretty good, right? Well, since hobbling off the field against the Detroit Lions in Week 6, Graham has received 29 targets over the past four weeks. Brandin Cooks has received the second most targets over that span with 25. But with Cooks now on IR, those targets are clearly forced to go elsewhere. Hint: They're not going to Kenny Stills. And since the Baltimore Ravens allow only 3.4 yards per carry to opposing backs, the New Orleans Saints will have no choice but to attack through the air. The workload alone should be enough to exploit Colston's inexplicable market decrease.

Bobby Rainey ($6,000, -$400)

Clearly just a speculative play if Charles Sims sits. Rainey's value dropped due to his lack of touches in recent weeks, but if the choice is limited to either him or Doug Martin come kick-off, I'm positive Lovie Smith would choose to lean heavily on Rainey. (Apologies to the two of you that are still holding onto Martin.)

Steven Jackson ($6,400, -$300)

I admittedly don't understand this one. Having received at least 18 touches in each of the past three games, Jackson has managed to find the end zone in two of those. The Cleveland Browns, on the other hand, are allowing the third-most yards per carry to opposing running backs. Like I said, I don't understand the exponential drop in price.

Martellus Bennett ($6,200, -$300)

You're giving me the No. 5 tight end in FanDuel scoring for $300 cheaper? Sure. Thanks.

And since everyone else appears to be leaving their lineups and running, here you go. Go easy in the comments.

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