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Fantasy football stats: The sleepers of Week 12

Normally, a 12-point fantasy day is forgettable. The way things are going in fantasy these days, though, that might be a difference-maker.

Andre Ellington, Joique Bell, DeAndre Hopkins, Larry Donnell, Jay Cutler, DeSean Jackson. All six (and many others) were starting in the majority of fantasy leagues, all six put up dud games for their standards, and yet none of the six were so bad as to be included in the weekly recap of the worst performances.

When so many guys can be bad, and still be dwarfed by those who are super bad, you have to look even further down the list of performances to find guys who are sleepers, guys whose performances come out of left field and could portend more things going forward.

Here's that look. And if you know anyone who had a Cutler-Ellington-Bell-Hopkins-Jackson-Donnell lineup, please, I beg you, screenshot that into the comments. I'll blow that dang thing up into a poster.

Sleeper quarterbacks in Week 12

Teddy Bridgewater, MIN (210 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, 1 interception, 32 rushing yards, successful 2-point conversion, 19 fantasy points)

In his first career start, Bridgewater had 22 fantasy points. Between then and Sunday, he averaged nine fantasy points a game. The Vikings had been saying good things about the rookie all along, and he had shown enough to be optimistic about his long-term prospects, but it hadn't manifested itself in fantasy production until Sunday, when he kept pace with Aaron Rodgers for much of the game. He's still just a roster stash at best, but he's a fun one.

Zach Mettenberger, TEN (345 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, 1 interception, -2 rushing yards, 19 fantasy points)

Mettenberger had his best fantasy day Sunday, and his most passing yards to boot. After keeping the Titans right in the game against the Steelers a week earlier, Mettenberger couldn't keep up with the Eagles Sunday. Still, after cycling through Jake Locker and Charlie Whitehurst earlier this season, the Titans can at least look at Mettenberger and see a quarterback who could be their future.

Sleeper running backs in Week 12

LeGarrette Blount, NE (78 rushing yards, 2 rushing touchdowns, 19 fantasy points)

See, now I'm annoyed that the Steelers didn't give Blount one little carry a week ago. If he had played in his last game with Pittsburgh -- before their bye -- then Blount could have made it to 17 games this season by joining New England after theirs. But that's just me hoping for a statistical quirk. Blount, run out of Pittsburgh when that team soured on him, was the beneficiary of New England apparently souring on their own running back and benching Jonas Gray Sunday. That likely won't be a long-term thing, but he's shown he'll have relevance in New England.

Rashad Jennings, NYG (52 rushing yards, 68 receiving yards, 11 fantasy points)

Between his career anonymity and his injury earlier this year, it feels like Jennings has been rather overlooked in some fantasy circles of late, and it's to the detriment of those owners. He's put up at least five fantasy points in every game he's played this season, and while five isn't anything special, he's one of only eight running backs (Le'Veon Bell, Andre Ellington, Justin Forsett, Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, Ryan Mathews, DeMarco Murray) who can say that. Jennings is a clear RB2.

Sleeper wide receivers in Week 12

Charles Johnson, MIN (52 receiving yards, 1 receiving touchdown, successful 2-point conversion, 13 fantasy points)

Johnson had his first relevant game as an NFL player a week ago, when he went for 87 yards against the Bears. That was a bad pass defense, though, and Greg Jennings and Jarius Wright both left the game injured, so it stood to reason that that was a one-shot deal and Johnson very well might fade back in Week 12. Instead, he has his first career touchdown and three catches. Those catches came on 11 targets, which is an abysmal rate, but the fact that the Vikings gave him 11 targets and looked his way on their two-point conversion try means that Johnson will continue to have a role in this offense.

Josh Gordon, CLE (120 receiving yards, 12 fantasy points)

Okay, there is no definition of the word "sleeper" that remotely applies to Gordon. Granted. This is just the best place available to discuss Gordon, who didn't rank among the week's top receivers but still showed why he's all-caps JOSH GORDON. The Browns looked his way all the time with 16 targets, and the receiver -- playing his first game of 2014 -- hauled in eight of them. He's a must-start receiver, though you have to wonder if the sub-mediocrity of Brian Hoyer will keep Gordon's top end limited.

Sleeper tight end in Week 12

Cooper Helfet, SEA (27 receiving yards, 1 receiving touchdown, 8 fantasy points)

Ultimately, Helfet probably isn't going to be a fantasy factor. But the Seahawks have lost Zach Miller for the season, and at this point no one expects Luke Willson to develop into a big offensive weapon. Helfet is at least interesting, though only in a super desperate situation. Still, half of all fantasy owners are super desperate at tight end anyway, but Helfet left Sunday with a sprained ankle, so ... keep watching.