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Michael Vick, Geno Smith trading places again, low fantasy value for both

The Jets' merry-go-round at quarterback continues. We break down the fantasy implications.

New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith will get the start in place of veteran Michael Vick when the team takes on the Tennessee Titans in Week 13, according to a report by USA Today's Izzy Gould. Vick completed just seven passes for 76 yards and threw an interception before being benched against the Buffalo Bills in Week 12.

Fantasy Impact: The news of Smith getting the start isn't really a shock. That said, at this point in the season the Jets are basically playing musical chairs with their quarterbacks.

Vick seems to be incapable of playing at a high level and is definitely past his prime at this point. Smith, on the other hand, is only getting the starting job back because decision makers who stand above Rex Ryan on the totem pole are giving him no other choice.

Fantasy owners should stay away from both players given that the Jets are up against the Miami Dolphins, a team with a stout defense that is expected to blow the Jets away in Week 13.