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Fantasy football aftermath: The injuries of Week 9

It's a cold game we play, when we can just brush off injuries that might be devastating to the guys who suffer them.

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In far too many ways, we treat fantasy football players like chess pieces. I know that when I was a kid and a pawn from some chess set went missing, we just grabbed one from another set. If the rook in the wood set got chipped, whatever, it would be fine.

But these are people, which is why chronicling the injuries is the least fun part of this. When a player is lost for a month, we have to call in another "pawn." When a player is banged up, we try to make it work.

It's the cold nature of fantasy football, where we root for people, invest in people, and then cast them aside when they're too damaged to help us anymore. But, it's what we do. You don't have to change your nature, just be aware of what you're doing when you're playing this game. And read about the injury status from Week 9:

Quarterback injuries in Week 9

  • The Eagles lost quarterback Nick Foles to a broken collarbone early in Sunday's game, clearing the way for Mark Sanchez to take over. This is the same injury that cost Aaron Rodgers eight weeks a season ago. For now, Foles is officially out "indefinitely," but there is a chance he's gone for the year. At the least, he's out for the rest of the fantasy season, and he's fully droppable in redraft leagues. Sanchez, meanwhile, could easily take advantage of the system in Philadelphia, and he looks like a strong QB2 going forward.
  • If Brandon Weeden had been worth much of anything Sunday, the Cowboys might have been willing to sit Tony Romo in Week 10, leading up to the team's Week 11 bye. But, Weeden looked awful Sunday, leading to the Cowboys saying all the right things about Romo's status for the team's game against Jacksonville in London next week. For now, expect Romo to be active as he returns from a back injury, but have an insurance policy just in case.
  • The Jets deactivated Geno Smith for Sunday, a decision that was as much about Smith being terrible as it was about his shoulder injury. The team went with Michael Vick, who was at least tenable against the Chiefs, even if he wasn't great. Vick briefly left the game to be checked for a concussion, but he returned to the field. Even with Smith likely healthy for Week 10, Vick's going to be the starter.

Running back injuries in Week 9

  • The Bengals' offense was just fine without Giovani Bernard Sunday, as Jeremy Hill ran wild against the Jaguars. With a short week before a Thursday game, and Bernard still dealing with a hip injury, the Bengals might hold off on rushing him back. If he's back in Week 10, great, but the better bet is to plan on Week 11.
  • Arian Foster left the Texans' game in the third quarter Sunday with a groin injury. He left for an MRI, and the word "pessimistic" has been tossed about since. We'll see what further reports have to say on the subject, and the Texans are off in Week 10, but you can't help but be nervous about the star's status for Week 11.
  • One of the quieter injuries of the weekend, Miami's Lamar Miller left Sunday's blowout over the Chargers in the third quarter with a shoulder injury. Miller said all the right things after the game, saying he'll be fine, though the team is sending him for an MRI to learn more, so keep an eye out.

Wide receiver injuries in Week 9

  • We've been waiting for Calvin Johnson's return for weeks now, and those that invested in him in the preseason are probably pretty desperate for that return. Well, all reports are that he will be back from his ankle injury in Week 10. Considering the fact that Johnson, assuming he's healthy, will be rested going forward. Anyone who has been able to survive Johnson's absence could be getting a really strong receiver down the stretch.

Tight end injuries in Week 9

  • The Vikings are off in Week 10, but they could be getting back their starting tight end, Kyle Rudolph, in Week 11. While Rudolph hasn't played since Week 3 with a groin injury, he'll be welcomed back with open arms considering the general struggles of the team's pass-catchers. If Rudolph was dropped in your league and you are in need of help, he makes for a good stash.