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Fantasy football rankings 2014: Tight ends

We break down the top 32 tight ends for 2014 fantasy football leagues.

The passing game explosion of the last few years just seems to keep on going, and tight ends are responsible for much of the expansion. Ten years ago, teams were averaging 4.1 touchdown passes to tight ends. Now they're throwing 7.4 touchdowns to the tight end position. That's some serious growth and has resulted in tight ends factoring into fantasy drafts in higher rounds than ever before.

In the rankings compiled by our writers, we see that Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas and Rob Gronkowski lead the rankings. Graham and Gronk have been the first tight ends taken in most drafts the last few years, but Thomas has jumped into the fray. His ascent has come on of being a part of the Denver Broncos offensive juggernaut. One of the forerunners of the new breed of tight ends, Antonio Gates is found within the top ten of only two writers. It seems as though his days as a fantasy starter are on their last legs. Especially with Ladarius Green stealing away targets. Zach Ertz climbs the rankings as he enters his sophomore season. He may benefit from the departure of DeSean Jackson to Washington.

One of the few off season transactions involving the position was the signing of Owen Daniels by the Baltimore Ravens. Daniels brings some added firepower to the Ravens passing game but will play second fiddle to Dennis Pitta at the position. I'm keeping an eye on Mychal Rivera of the Oakland Raiders. He had a decent rookie season with the revolving door at quarterback. Matt Schaub is not much of an upgrade but he always looked for his tight ends in the Houston Texans passing game. Another hidden talent is Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. He missed pretty much all of his rookie season but I think Andy Reid will make good use of him in his second season.

Consensus Writer Rankings

Rank Consensus
1 Jimmy Graham
2 Julius Thomas
3 Rob Gronkowski
4 Vernon Davis
5 Jordan Cameron
6 Greg Olsen
7 Jason Witten
8 Dennis Pitta
9 Jordan Reed
10 Kyle Rudolph
11 Martellus Bennett
12 Charles Clay
13 Ladarius Green
14 Zach Ertz
15 Antonio Gates
16 Eric Ebron
17 Delanie Walker
18 Tyler Eifert
19 Jared Cook
20 Coby Fleener
21 Heath Miller
22 Dwayne Allen
23 Garrett Graham
24 Travis Kelce
25 Jace Amaro
26 Scott Chandler
27 Marcedes Lewis
28 Austin Seferian-Jenkins
29 Levine Toilolo
30 Owen Daniels
31 Brent Celek
32 Zach Miller

Individual Writer Rankings

Rank Daniel Kelley Dan Ciarrocchi Alex Welch John Daigle
1 Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham
2 Julius Thomas Julius Thomas Rob Gronkowski Julius Thomas
3 Vernon Davis Rob Gronkowski Julius Thomas Rob Gronkowski
4 Rob Gronkowski Jordan Cameron Jason witten Kyle Rudolph
5 Jason Witten Vernon Davis Jordan Cameron Vernon Davis
6 Jordan Cameron Jordan Reed Jordan Reed Greg Olsen
7 Greg Olsen Greg Olsen Greg Olsen Jason Witten
8 Dennis Pitta Dennis Pitta Vernon Davis Jordan Reed
9 Charles Clay Kyle Rudolph Dennis Pitta Jordan Cameron
10 Jordan Reed Jason Witten Kyle Rudolph Antonio Gates
11 Antonio Gates Martellus Bennett Zach Ertz Zach Ertz
12 Coby Fleener Charles Clay Martellus Bennett Martellus Bennett
13 Ladarius Green Ladarius Green Charles Clay Dennis Pitta
14 Kyle Rudolph Zach Ertz Heath Miller Dwayne Allen
15 Dwayne Allen Heath Miller Delanie Walker Jared Cook
16 Eric Ebron Jared Cook Ladarius Green Eric Ebron
17 Zach Ertz Delanie Walker Jared Cook Tyler Eifert
18 Martellus Bennett Eric Ebron Eric Ebron Charles Clay
19 Tyler Eifert Dwayne Allen Antonio Gates Delanie Walker
20 Travis Kelce Tyler Eifert Garrett Graham Ladarius Green
21 Marcedes Lewis Coby Fleener Tyler Eifert Richard Rodgers
22 Garrett Graham Garrett Graham Coby Fleener Heath Miller
23 Delanie Walker Antonio Gates Jace Amaro Zach Miller
24 Levine Toilolo Travis Kelce Dwayne Alen Coby Fleener
25 Austin Seferian-Jenkins Owen Daniels Travis Kelce Scott Chandler
26 Jared Cook Gavin Escobar Austin Seferian-Jenkins Garrett Graham
27 Heath Miller Jace Amaro Adrien Robinson Levine Toilolo
28 Jake Ballard Brandon Pettigrew Marcedes Lewis Jace Amaro
29 Brent Celek Scott Chandler Brandon Pettigrew Mychal Rivera
30 Andrew Quarless Marcedes Lewis Zach Miller Owen Daniels
31 Owen Daniels Jermaine Gresham John Carlson Brandon Myers
32 Scott Chandler Richard Rodgers Levine Toilolo Mercedes Lewis

Rank Kenneth Arthur Scott Kaliska Mike Gallagher
1 Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham
2 Rob Gronkowski Julius Thomas Julius Thomas
3 Jordan Cameron Rob Gronkowski Rob Gronkowski
4 Vernon Davis Vernon Davis Vernon Davis
5 Julius Thomas Jordan Cameron Jordan Cameron
6 Jason Witten Jason Witten Jason Witten
7 Greg Olsen Greg Olsen Jordan Reed
8 Martellus Bennett Dennis Pitta Dennis Pitta
9 Charles Clay Jordan Reed Greg Olsen
10 Antonio Gates Kyle Rudolph Kyle Rudolph
11 Dennis Pitta Martellus Bennett Martellus Bennett
12 Coby Fleener Zach Ertz Charles Clay
13 Tyler Eifert Charles Clay Eric Ebron
14 Eric Ebron Ladarius Green Ladarius Green
15 Jared Cook Delanie Walker Delaine Walker
16 Ladarius Green Heath Miller Jared Cook
17 Scott Chandler Antonio Gates Coby Fleener
18 Heath Miller Eric Ebron Tyler Eifert
19 Brent Celek Tyler Eifert Heath Miller
20 Dwayne Allen Dwayne Allen Zach Ertz
21 Delanie Walker Coby Fleener Jace Amaro
22 Kyle Rudolph Garrett Graham Dwyane Allen
23 Zach Ertz Jared Cook Antonio Gates
24 Jordan Reed Jermichael Finley Austin Seferian-Jenkins
25 Jermaine Gresham Owen Daniels Travis Kelce
26 Marcedes Lewis Jace Amaro Levine Tollolo
27 Tim Wright Tim Wright Brandon Bostick
28 Austin Seferian-Jenkins Travis Kelce Adrien Robinson
29 Zach Miller Brandon Myers Garrett Graham
30 Garrett Graham Andrew Quarless Scott Chandler
31 Joseph Fauria Marcedes Lewis Marcedes Lewis
32 Jace Amaro Jermaine Gresham Owen Daniels