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Fantasy football rankings 2014: Wide receivers in PPR leagues

The SB Nation Fantasy crew ranks the top 50 receivers for points-per-reception fantasy leagues.

The addition of points per reception (PPR) in fantasy football can change the value of almost every player in some capacity. Those pass-happy teams willing to throw the ball generally lead to more players having a bigger impact in PPR leagues. It’s clear the NFL has become a passing league and that trend doesn't appear to be a fad, with quarterbacks consistently clearing the 4,000-yard plateau. In fact, only four players rushed for more first downs than the top 11 receivers moved the sticks in 2013 (LeSean McCoy, Matt Forte, Jamaal Charles and Marshawn Lynch).

It’s important to identify which teams are passing more and who is getting the targets. In the past couple of years, the stat tracking has grown by leaps and bounds with not only targets per game, but things like average depth of target as well.

As for our rankings, all seven writers ranked Calvin Johnson at No. 1. Demaryius Thomas ended up the consensus No. 2, with Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall and A.J. Green also in the next tier.

The injury histories of Jordy Nelson and Julio Jones caused their positioning to fluctuate. Both guys easily could become the top option in PPR leagues for their high-scoring, pass-heavy offenses. Antonio Brown was also ranked as a WR1 by everyone, which is hardly a surprise after his breakout 2013. Alshon Jeffery consistently ranked in the 8-12 range while Andre Johnson was in the 7-12 range in all but one of the rankings.

As for the players changing teams, DeSean Jackson’s projections vary from 11-32, Eric Decker came in around 25-31 in six of the seven rankings (38 in the other) and Emmanuel Sanders had a huge variance with one ranking coming in at 17 and another not including him at all in the top 50.

Sammy Watkins leads the pack as the top rookie receiver -- he’s also been lights out in camp --  with Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks and Kelvin Benjamin also sneaking in on the back end of most rankings.

Consensus Writer Rankings

Rank Consensus
1 Calvin Johnson
2 Demaryius Thomas
3 Dez Bryant
4 A.J. Green
5 Brandon Marshall
6 Julio Jones
7 Antonio Brown
8 Jordy Nelson
9 Alshon Jeffery
10 Andre Johnson
11 Pierre Garcon
12 Keenan Allen
13 Randall Cobb
14 Larry FItzgerald
15 Vincent Jackson
16 Victor Cruz
17 Wes Welker
18 Roddy White
19 DeSean Jackson
20 Michael Crabtree
21 Percy Harvin
22 T.Y. Hilton
23 Marques Colston
24 Torrey Smith
25 Michael Floyd
26 Julian Edelman
27 Cordarrelle Patterson
28 Kendall Wright
29 Eric Decker
30 Reggie Wayne
31 Golden Tate
32 Mike Wallace
33 DeAndre Hopkins
34 Jeremy Maclin
35 Emmanuel Sanders
36 Sammy Watkins
37 Anquan Boldin
38 Cecil Shorts
39 Terrance Williams
40 Dwayne Bowe
41 Mike Evans
42 Rueben Randle
43 Danny Amendola
44 James Jones
45 Brian Hartline
46 Riley Cooper
47 Hakeem Nicks
48 Marvin Jones
49 Steve Smith
50 Tavon Austin

Individual Writer Rankings

Rank Daniel Kelley Dan Ciarrocchi Alex Welch John Daigle
1 Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson
2 Demaryius Thomas Demaryius Thomas Dez Bryant Brandon Marshall
3 A.J. Green A.J. Green Demaryius Thomas Demaryius Thomas
4 Dez Bryant Dez Bryant Julio Jones Dez Bryant
5 Brandon Marshall Brandon Marshall A.J. Green Jordy Nelson
6 Antonio Brown Julio Jones Brandon Marshall Antonio Brown
7 Andre Johnson Jordy Nelson Jordy Nelson A.J. Green
8 Wes Welker Antonio Brown Antonio Brown Randall Cobb
9 Jordy Nelson Alshon Jeffery Alshon Jeffery Michael Crabtree
10 Alshon Jeffery Vincent Jackson Randall Cobb Andre Johnson
11 Larry Fitzgerald Pierre Garcon Keenan Allen Julio Jones
12 Victor Cruz Keenan Allen Andre Johnson Alshon Jeffery
13 DeSean Jackson Randall Cobb Pierre Garcon Keenan Allen
14 Julio Jones Victor Cruz Roddy White Victor Cruz
15 Keenan Allen Roddy White Larry Fitzgerald T.Y. Hilton
16 Randall Cobb Larry Fitzgerald Wes Welker Vincent Jackson
17 Pierre Garcon Wes Welker Victor Cruz Pierre Garcon
18 Roddy White Andre Johnson Torrey Smith Cordarrelle Patterson
19 Vincent Jackson Michael Crabtree Kendall Wright Larry Fitzgerald
20 Michael Crabtree Kendall Wright Cordarrelle Patterson Wes Welker
21 T.Y. Hilton Cordarrelle Patterson Vincent Jackson Kendall Wright
22 Marques Colston DeSean Jackson Marques Colston Roddy White
23 Michael Floyd Julian Edelman Julian Edelman Julian Edelman
24 Julian Edelman Percy Harvin Michael Floyd Percy Harvin
25 Eric Decker Torrey Smith Percy Harvin DeAndre Hopkins
26 Jeremy Maclin Michael Floyd DeSean Jackson Anquan Boldin
27 Reggie Wayne T.Y. Hilton Michael Crabtree Torrey Smith
28 Danny Amendola Marques Colston TY Hilton Reggie Wayne
29 DeAndre Hopkins Mike Wallace Eric Decker Marques Colston
30 Torrey Smith DeAndre Hopkins Jeremy Maclin Eric Decker
31 Percy Harvin Eric Decker Cecil Shorts Emmanuel Sanders
32 Cordarrelle Patterson Emmanuel Sanders Golden Tate DeSean Jackson
33 Mike Wallace Golden Tate Rueben Randle Jeremy Maclin
34 Anquan Boldin Cecil Shorts Mike Wallace Michael Floyd
35 Golden Tate Reggie Wayne Terrance Williams Golden Tate
36 Kendall Wright Jeremy Maclin Emmanuel Sanders Sammy Watkins
37 Cecil Shorts Marvin Jones Dwayne Bowe Brandin Cooks
38 Terrance Williams Sammy Watkins Sammy Watkins Terrance Williams
39 Andrew Hawkins Hakeem Nicks Reggie Wayne Danny Amendola
40 Dwayne Bowe Anquan Boldin Mike Evans Cecil Shorts
41 Sammy Watkins James Jones Greg Jennings Brian Hartline
42 Jerricho Cotchery Mike Evans Justin Hunter Steve Smith
43 Justin Hunter Tavon Austin Aaron Dobson Rueben Randle
44 Mike Evans Dwayne Bowe Anquan Boldin Aaron Dobson
45 Brian Hartline Brandin Cooks Brandin Cooks Kenny Britt
46 Emmanuel Sanders Kenny Stills James Jones Mike Wallace
47 Jerrel Jernigan Riley Cooper DeAndre Hopkins Justin Hunter
48 Tavon Austin Rueben Randle Brian Hartline Marqise Lee
49 Jarrett Boykin Kelvin Benjamin Danny Amendola Dwayne Bowe
50 Hakeem Nicks Justin Hunter Kelvin Benjamin Kelvin Benjamin

Rank Kenneth Arthur Scott Kaliska Mike Gallagher
1 Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson
2 A.J. Green Demaryius Thomas Dez Bryant
3 Demaryius Thomas Dez Bryant Demaryius Thomas
4 Julio Jones A.J. Green Brandon Marshall
5 Antonio Brown Brandon Marshall Julio Jones
6 Brandon Marshall Julio Jones A.J. Green
7 Dez Bryant Antonio Brown Andre Johnson
8 Alshon Jeffery Alshon Jeffery Keenan Allen
9 Andre Johnson Jordy Nelson Alshon Jeffery
10 Jordy Nelson Pierre Garcon Randall Cobb
11 DeSean Jackson Randall Cobb Antonio Brown
12 Larry Fitzgerald Andre Johnson Percy Harvin
13 Pierre Garcon Vincent Jackson Pierre Garcon
14 Vincent Jackson Keenan Allen Roddy White
15 Marques Colston Wes Welker Larry Fitzgerald
16 Anquan Boldin Victor Cruz Jordy Nelson
17 Emmanuel Sanders Larry Fitzgerald Torrey Smith
18 Victor Cruz Michael Crabtree DeSean Jackson
19 TY Hilton Roddy White Vincent Jackson
20 Roddy White Kendall Wright Wes Welker
21 Wes Welker Julian Edelman Cordarrelle Patterson
22 Percy Harvin Percy Harvin Victor Cruz
23 Reggie Wayne Cordarrelle Patterson Michael Floyd
24 Keenan Allen DeSean Jackson Marques Colston
25 Sammy Watkins Michael Floyd T.Y. Hilton
26 Mike Wallace Torrey Smith Jeremy Maclin
27 Torrey Smith T.Y. Hilton Michael Crabtree
28 Michael Floyd Mike Wallace Golden Tate
29 Golden Tate Marques Colston James Jones
30 DeAndre Hopkins Eric Decker Julian Edelman
31 Randall Cobb Reggie Wayne Eric Decker
32 Michael Crabtree Cecil Shorts Terrance Williams
33 Brian Hartline Emmanuel Sanders Rueben Randle
34 Terrance Williams Dwayne Bowe Sammy Watkins
35 James Jones Terrance Williams Mike Evans
36 Riley Cooper Golden Tate Mike Wallace
37 Mike Evans Jeremy Maclin Cecil Shorts
38 Eric Decker DeAndre Hopkins Kelvin Benjamin
39 Danny Amendola Sammy Watkins DeAndre Hopkins
40 Julian Edelman Rueben Randle Reggie Wayne
41 Odell Beckham Jr Anquan Boldin Dwayne Bowe
42 Nate Washington Riley Cooper Steve Smith
43 Hakeem Nicks Marvin Jones Jarrett Boykin
44 Kendall Wright Hakeem Nicks Danny Amendola
45 Stevie Johnson Tavon Austin Tavon Austin
46 Steve Smith Mike Evans Greg Jennings
47 Doug Baldwin Brian Hartline Riley Cooper
48 Rod Streater Greg Jennings Marvin Jones
49 Dwayne Bowe James Jones Aaron Dobson
50 Tavon Austin Aaron Dobson Brandin Cooks