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Stephen Hill underperforming, fantasy value slipping

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The New York Jets receiver has been all over the map in training camp, and his roster spot is no longer guaranteed. We break down the fantasy implications.

New York Jets wide receiver Stephen Hill isn't necessarily guaranteed a roster spot, according to a report by ESPN New York. Hill has just a single catch in the 70 preseason snaps he's seen this summer.

Fantasy Impact: Hill is a flex option at best when he's playing well. As it stands at the moment, he's behind Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley and David Nelson on the Jets' depth chart. Further adding to his uncertain status is the fact he has just 19 receptions and two touchdowns in 23 career NFL games. Coming out of college, he was seen as a potential impact player due to his athleticism, but that hasn't panned out.

Although it's still likely that Hill will make the roster given that he knows the Jets' schemes, he'll likely only be used to give the team's best offensive weapons a break once in a while. Hill has never maintained a level of fantasy value that would make him a consistent starter in standard 12-team leagues, and now that he seems to be struggling in exhibition play, his future in New York may indeed be up in the air.