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Geno Smith doesn't impress, doesn't screw up in preseason opener

Geno Smith wasn't impressive, but he also wasn't terrible on Thursday. We break down the fantasy implications.

While it seemed like the New York Jets couldn't actually agree on whether or not there was a quarterback battle between Geno Smith and Michael Vick this offseason, Smith was named the starter for the preseason opener on Thursday. He doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence due to his struggles as a rookie, but Smith actually had a decent game against the Indianapolis Colts.

He attempted only six passes, completing four for 33 yards. But given that he threw 21 interceptions against 12 touchdowns as a rookie, a game without turnovers is always noteworthy. The most important aspect of his performance is that he looked in control, and Vick didn't necessarily challenge him at all, completing 3 of 6 passes for just 17 yards.

Fantasy Football: Smith isn't much of an intriguing fantasy option at this point. But there's a finite amount of starting quarterbacks, and most of them find a place as a backup at the least. What's important here isn't Smith improving his standing as a fantasy candidate so much as it is him playing well enough to keep his starting job. If you're set on a Jets quarterback, Smith looks like the guy for now.