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Fantasy football rankings, Week 2: Quarterbacks

Week 1 had its share of surprise quarterbacks topping the ranks. Will Week 2 provide more surprises, or a return to normalcy?

One glance at Week 1's top-scoring quarterbacks serves as a perfect reminder of why we let the games play out before crowning winners, and also how volatile rankings can be from week to week.

That is, unless people actually expected Carson Palmer, Jake Locker and Derek Anderson(!) to crack the top 10 in the first week, and the comforting thing about people who claim that is that those people are clearly liars.

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Week 2 is far from a guarantee to produce less batty results, but the usual suspects at least have a chance to return to form. Aaron Rodgers goes from facing a stalwart Seattle Seahawks defense to a mortal one in the New York Jets. Drew Brees couldn't find the end zone frequently enough to register as a top quarterback versus the Atlanta Falcons, but is a safe bet to right the ship against the Cleveland Browns.

Those two quarterbacks project to return to their usual place among the top weekly scorers, according to our staff. As for everyone else? Take a look below:

Consensus Writer Rankings

Rank Consensus Team Opponent
1 Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Kansas City
2 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints @Cleveland
3 Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts Philadelphia
4 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers NY Jets
5 Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions @Carolina
6 Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers Chicago
7 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons @Cincinnati
8 Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles @Indianapolis
9 Tom Brady New England Patriots @Minnesota
10 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks @San Diego
11 Jay Cutler Chicago Bears @San Francisco
12 Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals Atlanta
13 Jake Locker Tennessee Titans Dallas
14 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers Detroit
15 Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys @Tennessee
16 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers @Baltimore
17 Carson Palmer Arizona Cardinals @NY Giants
18 Robert Griffin III Washington Jacksonville
19 Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins @Buffalo
20 Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers Seattle
21 Ryan Fitzpatrick Houston Texans @Oakland
22 Chad Henne Jacksonville Jaguars @Washington
23 Alex Smith Kansas City Chiefs @Denver
24 Geno Smith New York Jets @Green Bay
25 Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh

Individual Writer Rankings

Rank Daniel Kelley Dan Ciarrocchi John Daigle Scott Kaliska
1 Peyton Manning Peyton Manning Andrew Luck Peyton Manning
2 Drew Brees Drew Brees Peyton Manning Drew Brees
3 Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers Colin Kaepernick Aaron Rodgers
4 Andrew Luck Andrew Luck Drew Brees Andrew Luck
5 Matthew Stafford Matt Ryan Matthew Stafford Nick Foles
6 Matt Ryan Tom Brady Jay Cutler Tom Brady
7 Colin Kaepernick Matthew Stafford Aaron Rodgers Colin Kaepernick
8 Russell Wilson Nick Foles Matt Ryan Matt Ryan
9 Nick Foles Russell Wilson Andy Dalton Matthew Stafford
10 Tom Brady Colin Kaepernick Russell Wilson Russell Wilson
11 Jake Locker Tony Romo Carson Palmer Jay Cutler
12 Robert Griffin III Andy Dalton Jake Locker Tony Romo
13 Cam Newton Jay Cutler Ben Roethlisberger Andy Dalton
14 Jay Cutler Cam Newton Nick Foles Cam Newton
15 Tony Romo Robert Griffin III Tom Brady Robert Griffin III
16 Ben Roethlisberger Jake Locker Cam Newton Jake Locker
17 Andy Dalton Ben Roethlisberger Phillip Rivers Carson Palmer
18 Carson Palmer Ryan Tannehill Chad Henne Ben Roethlisberger
19 Chad Henne Carson Palmer Ryan Fitzpatrick Ryan Tannehill
20 Ryan Tannehill Philip Rivers Joe Flacco Geno Smith
21 Ryan Fitzpatrick Eli Manning Tony Romo Alex Smith
22 Alex Smith Alex Smith Geno Smith Philip Rivers
23 Josh McCown Ryan Fitzpatrick Matt Cassel Eli Manning
24 Philip Rivers Joe Flacco Robert Griffin III Shaun Hill
25 Joe Flacco Josh McCown Ryan Tannehill Ryan Fitzpatrick