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Fantasy football rankings, Week 2: Defense/special Teams

It could be bad times for the Kansas City Chiefs, and for the defense/special teams in particular.

A year ago, the Kansas City Chiefs' defense/special teams was one of the biggest stars in fantasy through the first half. They put up 20-plus fantasy points four times in the first six weeks and were running away with first place in fantasy defenses.

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Everyone knew it was unsustainable, but the point is that it was truly good times in Kansas City. Which has to make it all the more disheartening for Chiefs fans that the team managed only managed a single fantasy point Sunday. And it's even worse when you add in the fact that the team lost inside linebacker Derrick Johnson and defensive end Mike DeVito, each to torn Achilles tendons in the game, costing both their seasons.

The Chiefs' defense was a must-own, must-start unit in fantasy a year ago. This season, that unit might have "irrelevant" as the most optimistic adjective at its disposal.

A few other units surprised in Week 1, for the good and bad:

  • The Jets' and Buccaneers' defenses were both in a good spot Sunday, going against a rookie quarterback (for the Jets) and a last-minute replacement (for the Bucs). Those situations led to optimism that those defenses might offer strong fantasy performance, but that optimism was unfounded. The Jets put up only six fantasy points, and Tampa Bay struggled to a single point.
  • The Detroit defense, universally a subpar unit, still managed to put up 10 points Monday night, more a testament to what appears to be a hideous New York Giants offense than any great strength of the Lions' D.
  • San Francisco has long been a super-strong defense, but there were reasons to be wary going into Sunday -- suspensions, injuries and a promising Dallas offense among them. Whether because the defense is even better than we knew or the Dallas offense is worse, it's hard to tell just yet, but the 49ers' D/ST did manage 17 fantasy points, indicating it might not be as bad off as some believed.

And now, our Week 2 D/ST ranks:

Consensus Writer Rankings

Rank Consensus Opponent
1 Seattle Seahawks @San Diego
2 Houston Texans @Oakland
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers St. Louis
4 St. Louis Rams @Tampa Bay
5 Carolina Panthers Detroit
6 Arizona Cardinals @NY Giants
7 Denver Broncos Kansas City
8 New England Patriots @Minnesota
9 San Francisco 49ers Chicago
10 New Orleans Saints @Cleveland
11 Cincinnati Bengals Atlanta
12 Pittsburgh Steelers @Baltimore
13 Detroit Lions @Carolina
14 Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh
15 Buffalo Bills Miami
16 Miami Dolphins @Buffalo
17 Jacksonville Jaguars @Washington
18 Tennessee Titans Dallas
19 Minnesota Vikings New England
20 Cleveland Browns New Orleans
21 Philadelphia Eagles @Indianapolis
22 Green Bay Packers NY Jets
23 Washington Jacksonville
24 Chicago Bears @San Francisco
25 New York Jets @Green Bay

Individual Writer Rankings

Rank Daniel Kelley Dan Ciarrocchi John Daigle Scott Kaliska
1 Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks
2 Houston Texans Houston Texans Houston Texans Houston Texans
3 Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4 Arizona Cardinals New England Patriots Arizona Cardinals St. Louis Rams
5 Denver Broncos St. Louis Rams Denver Broncos New England Patriots
6 St. Louis Rams Denver Broncos Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers
7 New England Patriots Arizona Cardinals St. Louis Rams San Francisco 49ers
8 San Francisco 49ers Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Arizona Cardinals
9 Cincinnati Bengals New Orleans Saints Minnesota Vikings Denver Broncos
10 Buffalo Bills San Francisco 49ers New England Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers
11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cincinnati Bengals Tennessee Titans Cincinnati Bengals
12 New Orleans Saints Detroit Lions Jacksonville Jaguars New Orleans Saints
13 Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers Baltimore Ravens
14 Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals Detroit Lions
15 Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Miami Dolphins New York Jets
16 Philadelphia Eagles Miami Dolphins Washington Redskins Buffalo Bills
17 Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers
18 Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars Pittsburgh Steelers Miami Dolphins
19 Minnesota Vikings Philadelphia Eagles Chicago Bears Chicago Bears
20 Miami Dolphins Chicago Bears Baltimore Ravens Philadelphia Eagles
21 Jacksonville Jaguars New York Jets Cleveland Browns Kansas City Chiefs
22 Washington Washington Redskins Buffalo Bills Jacksonville Jaguars
23 Oakland Raiders Tennesee Titans New York Giants Cleveland Browns
24 San Diego Chargers Cleveland Browns New York Jets Washington Redskins
25 Indianapolis Colts Oakland Raiders San Diego Chargers Tennessee Titans