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Andre Johnson ADP: Why Yahoo! fantasy football ranks him higher than ESPN

If you're in an ESPN fantasy football league, you can probably steal Andre Johnson. Meanwhile, he is going to be more expensive in Yahoo! leagues. Where is the ideal spot to take him in drafts this year?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's not just who you draft, it's when you draft them. You've probably heard this or some variation 100 times, but it's definitely true. Fantasy owners really need to be on their toes to guess when their competitors will take a certain player. There are a lot of things that can affect the general perception of a specific player. For instance, if every single "expert" is raving about the same guy as a great target in the middle round, you're going to have to be very aggressive to pick him up.

Additionally, the platform for your draft is going to affect the average draft position. Not all sites feel exactly the same, so there will be some discrepancy on the ADP. For instance, if Yahoo! ranks Player X at 25 and ESPN ranks him at 75, his ADP on Yahoo! will be much higher than on ESPN. If some sneaky commish wanted to, he could choose his platform based on the rankings alone. If ESPN has his favorite guys higher than Yahoo!, he would want to do it on Yahoo!.

In this edition we'll see how the fantasy world views Indianapolis Colts receiver Andre Johnson.

ESPN rank: 59
Yahoo! rank: 39
Fantasy Football Calculator (FFC) ADP: 45

Wow, that is a very, very low rank from ESPN. The FFC ADP is just a shade behind Yahoo! while it is over one round earlier than ESPN. There is almost two rounds of difference for the two platforms.

While AJ is definitely going to see some more competition for targets, one would think having Andrew Luck as his quarterback has a bigger net impact on his value. Last season, Johnson had 147 targets, 85 catches and just three touchdowns with the Houston Texans ranking near the bottom in almost every passing category. Meanwhile, the Colts led the league in passing yards, passing touchdowns and attempts.

Johnson is getting up there in age at 34 years old, but this guy has missed just one game in the past three seasons combined. He has a very good chance to be a top-10 receiver. If you're in an ESPN league, you can probably steal AJ at pick 45 while Y! owners will want to pounce before pick 39. He could have a monster season and has a very nice floor.