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FIBA news, scores and analysis.

U.S. beats France for fourth straight gold medal in men’s basketball

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Edey, Furst, and Ivey Reach Quarterfinals of FIBA U-19 World Cup

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Team USA U19 Basketball Team: Roster Cut to 17

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Wisconsin men’s basketball: Jonathan Davis invited to try out for US national team

How Frank Ntilikina’s summer with France might have revived his NBA career

How France basketball embraced Frank Ntilikina and helped him learn to trust himself.

5 NBA lessons from the 2019 FIBA World Cup

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FIBA World Cup was kind to its Denver Nuggets participants

Argentina and Spain make the case for familiarity in international basketball

Team USA is ‘playing against Poland for 7th place’ bad (no offense Poland)

How USA men’s basketball can still win gold in the 2020 Olympics

French toast

Rudy Gobert didn’t need the ball to crush Team USA

USA men’s basketball is not invincible. That’s OK

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FIBA World Cup: Tough French outlast Team USA in Dongguan, 79-89

Serbia’s lost summer

We never should have expected Giannis Antetokounmpo to dominate internationally

Draw me like one of your French national teams

Are we seeing the end of 5-on-5 Olympic basketball?

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Walker, Brown and Smart lead USA against spirited Brazil, win 89-73

Lithuania ousted from FIBA World Cup by rim shot

FIBA Giannis isn’t as scary as NBA Giannis ... yet

Team USA’s close call vs. Turkey is doom, salvation, or both

Team USA might really be in trouble at FIBA World Cup

The 7 teams that can beat Team USA at the 2019 FIBA World Cup, ranked

All 53 NBA players at the FIBA World Cup, RANKED

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Jaylen Brown headlines Team USA victory over Canada 84-68

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Joe Harris makes Team USA World Cup Roster!

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Marcus Smart returns to action, Team USA fall to Australia 94-98

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Kemba does Kemba things - Team USA defeat Aussies 102-86

Team Uhhhhhh-S-A

How USA Basketball can solve the problem of stars dropping out of the FIBA World Cup

Team USA will be fine because it has Gregg Popovich