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FIFA Corruption

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Premier League in talks with FIFA over ‘five-day rule’ after Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay complain

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FIFA President Embroiled in Swiss Corruption Case

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Gianni Infantino’s secret plan to sell out FIFA to investors with ties to Saudi Arabia

In full view of a crowd that paid to be there, opponents walked off arm in arm.

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The worst World Cup match

Chuck Blazer, America's most cartoonishly criminal soccer executive, dead at 72

The Garcia Report on the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid is out

Infantino booted FIFA investigators who were investigating him

There’s no good reason to believe Infantino fixed FIFA corruption

Platini to resign after ban reduction

Gianni Infantino elected new FIFA president

Blatter, Platini bans reduced

FIFA candidate wants literal transparency

The new FIFA indictment is even bigger

Blatter says USA supposed to get 2022 World Cup

Platini: Blatter money legit, 9 year old income

Blatter says he did 'nothing illegal or improper'

Blatter under criminal investigation

FIFA cleanup boss reminds Blatter to go away

Morocco won 2010 World Cup bid, per report

Germany bought World Cup votes with RPGs

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Sepp Blatter can't be serious

Are there any human beings with less self-awareness in the entire world?

FIFA paid Ireland to not protest Henry handball

FIFA executive says he took bribes

Newspapers had bad puns for Blatter resignation

Blatter still thinks he can save FIFA. Really.

Qatar talked some smack to England


Sepp Blatter was an great FIFA chairman

Odds out for FIFA presidential election

The FIFA scandal is a ridiculous movie script

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FIFA's corruption is a mirror on our world

Bob Ley skewers Sepp Blatter with 'The Wire' quote

Why did Blatter resign, and what's next?