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FIFA Corruption

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FIFA to redesign Club World Cup and introduce other tournaments

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FIFA World Cup Qatar: Why the Moral and Political Issues Turn Me Off 

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Should fans watch the World Cup in Qatar?

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Premier League in talks with FIFA over ‘five-day rule’ after Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay complain

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FIFA President Embroiled in Swiss Corruption Case

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Gianni Infantino’s secret plan to sell out FIFA to investors with ties to Saudi Arabia

In full view of a crowd that paid to be there, opponents walked off arm in arm.

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The worst World Cup match

Chuck Blazer, America's most cartoonishly criminal soccer executive, dead at 72

The Garcia Report on the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid is out

Infantino booted FIFA investigators who were investigating him

There’s no good reason to believe Infantino fixed FIFA corruption

Platini to resign after ban reduction

Gianni Infantino elected new FIFA president

Blatter, Platini bans reduced

FIFA candidate wants literal transparency

The new FIFA indictment is even bigger