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Masters Officials Offer Apology To Female Reporter Over 'Misunderstanding'

Charl Schwartzel wowed the Augusta crowds with his run to victory and the green jacket on Sunday. By Sunday night, however, all most folks were talking about online was Bergen Record reporter Tara Sullivan, who was barred from entering the locker room by two security guards.

Sullivan was attempting to interview Rory McIlroy, along with a group of male reporters, but was stopped by security guards who told her she could not enter because she was a woman.

Augusta National quickly acted, apologizing to Sullivan and calling the incident a misunderstanding. According to Steve Ethun of Masters Media, Sullivan should have been allowed to enter as it was not club policy to deny locker room access to female reporters and that several female reporters had access throughout the week.

As to whether or not that was actually the case or the club was merely trying to cover itself, remains to be seen.

The two security guards, a male and a female, were not employees of Augusta National but part of a company contracted by the club.

Augusta National currently has women on its membership waiting list but has yet to accept any active female members.