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2011 US Open: Rory McIlroy Starts Back Nine With A Little Swagger

PGA fans have watched the first three-and-a-half rounds of the 2011 US Open in shock at Rory McIlroy's performance, but it's been impressive to see the young player remain hard on himself after less-than-ideal shots. After one hole in a previous round, he even plucked his ball from the cup and hurled it into the water in disgust.

A common reaction to accomplishing things nobody has ever done before, of course.

After he drilled a near-perfect tee shot on Sunday's hole No. 10 to set himself up for yet another birdie, McIlroy finally let himself show just how good this has to feel, exhaling and high-fiving his caddy. All that before he tapped in the short putt to go 17-under with eight holes left, a nine-stroke advantage over second-place Y.E. Yang.

Conditioned by a decade of seeing Tiger Woods stalk Sunday greens, golf fans are starting to see something both familiar and missed in Rory's threatening approach to each tee.

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