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VIDEO: Rory McIlroy Says 'Happy Father's Day' To Dad After Winning 2011 US Open

Viewers of the 2011 US Open have gotten to watch Rory McIlroy's father make his way through the crowds alongside his record-breaking son, dodging the camera and acknowledging comments from fans without taking his eye off the goal at hand. The way he never stopped moving to get a better look, even when loomed over by Shane McMahon for some reason, almost made it seem like he was swimming against a current, hoping to meet his son at some point upstream.

After McIlroy tapped in the putt on hole No. 18 that assured him of one of the greatest performances in golf history, he shook hands with Y.E. Yang, hugged his caddy and then immediately looked for the big guy in lime green.

Have a feeling this moment will be remembered for a while:

Hard to imagine a happier Father's Day present than this.

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